Sunday, April 12, 2009

Amazing week!

Elders Mooney, Tohoro, Tietjen, Hales


You asked about Elder Travis Mitchell. He already wrote me so I wrote him back. He is a stud and an amazing missionary. When he wrote me, he was training a greenie.
Well this week was great as always! I'll start off with transfers! You will never believe where I am! Just kidding! I was lucky enough to stay with Elder Tietjen in Cairns! But our District Leader, Elder Nelson went down south! And guess who came up... Elder Mooney, the man from Utah, was shipped up here! So our District Leader is Elder Tohoro and all of us have been out 4 transfers or less. (6 months and less) Wow!
This month is President Richards' 61st birthday so our goal is 61 baptisms! We are going to do it! We already have 35 or so. But as long as we are 100 percent obedient and work hard we can do it.

We had another miracle this week!!! We tracted into a lady (Jody) last week and talked about how important families are. We got a return appointment and went back this week. She had questions about the Plan of Salvation pamphlet so we taught that lesson and when we got to the Atonement it was so spiritual. So we have 2 families of 4 now that we are really praying for.
The other family aren't technically investigators yet. The father's name is Aaron and when we tracted into him he was so cool and nice but he left for 6 weeks on Coast Guard cyclone duty. He got back this week so we went and talked to him and he is a stud. We are teaching them this next week.
Darren has been doing great. This last Monday we started the stop smoking program... and that night he had 2 smokes. :( haha dang. But he used to smoke 20 a day so he has been doing so much better and we're going to commit him to go cold turkey this week. We have a sport night on Friday night for all the YSA and youth and Darren (tho he is 32) went and played Footy (rugby) with them. Us missionaries couldn't go because it was on the beach. So we were praying the YSA would include Darren. We called Darren that night and he went and hung out with them after the activity. YES!!! But Darren served 7 years in prison for something he did when he was 17 yrs old. And one of our fellowship people for the lessons told the YSA about it... so Darren told us he thinks they know because they are being a little cold to him. NO!!!!!!! So we are going to work on the YSA about it. But there were 2 YSA activities this week and Darren went to both. And then church on Sunday. We just have to prepare him to be interviewed by President Richards when he comes in 1-2 weeks.
Our other investigator we are going to baptize, Carissa, got back into town from the funeral and we are teaching her this week. Elder Tietjen and I are so excited we jump everytime we think about it.
The Lord has blessed us so much. Thank you for your prayers. Pray for Darren this week!
Love you all
God speed,
Elder Hales

(*We're going to ask Adam to send a picture of himself in MISSIONARY attire.) :-)


Karen Westover said...

This isn't missionary attire????

hales said...

I guess for P-day, it is!