Friday, August 28, 2009

The Office

How ya goin mate!
Wow- these past weeks have been so crammed. Missionaries getting sent home, missionaries coming back out after health reasons, two zone conferences... Basically I'm in charge of everything from mail to booking flights to making orders and sending info to Salt Lake. It's been really hard to not hate being in the office. Really hard. Trying my hardest to be faithful.
Australia is awesome. Its starting to warm up so we use our AirCon at night. I have not had any native companions yet. Just Elder Nielsen, Tietjen, Prina and now Hoskins and Hurst.
I have been working out. Our flat is right next to the Assistants so we are always together and we play rugby in the mornings and every Saturday morning we play basketball with a lot of missionaries and President Richards. That was fun to see President Richards trying to step us. (juke)
We do have one baptismal date right now. His name is Marshall and he is such a good guy. Comes to church every Sunday. His baptism is in October!!! Um no! I am going to do my best at getting it sooner.
We are also working with a great part member family... the Hansens. The wife is not a member but comes to church every week and seems to like it!!
I'm giving a talk in church tomorrow. I'll be speaking on John 11:25-26 which is one of my most favorite stories of Christ's life.
We have THE MAN ward missionary leader. So bold and to the point. We make phone calls in our coordination meetings to "get it done RIGHT NOW."
I do love this ward and love learning from the Assistants.
Things have been great. Sorry if this email is so scattered. My brain is so full of things I have to do that I'm wiggin out. :)
Love you all.
Read the Book of Mormon.
-Elder Adam Hales

In response to the email:

Yea, I'm feeling fine. President Richards said I probably did have the swine flu but I had some really good, expensive medicine. I'm feeling better now.

Carly: You are an old-graduated College student... Working now! Congrats! :)
Cheri: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! One year older and wiser too... Happy birthday.. to you!
Brother: You're an old family working man! You're the man. I really like your new car.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A mystery (or two) revealed

Dear family!!!
Wow - I don't even know where to start - so much has happened. I loved my area in Waterford. But I got a phone call saying I was being transferred. I was really cut up about that because I will miss Alana's baptism. I was able to be there for Tim's baptism though!!! His baptism was amazing. The spirit was so strong and it was so great to witness the miracle of his conversion. It had been 3 weeks from the time we met him that he was baptized!
After I found out I was being transferred I mostly visited those of this ward that I will miss the most. I almost cried when I said goodbye to our Ward Mission Leader! I love Brother Evans. I was never able to say bye and get a picture with Alana. I really enjoyed teaching her and am so sad I missed her baptism but Elder Prina is going to send me a picture. I'm pretty sad I haven't been able to stay in an area for longer than 3 months.
Well the moment you have all been waiting for ~ the place I was transferred to. The morning of transfers President Richards gets up and bears his testimony of transfers and how we go where the Lord wants us and that there are people only we can get through to. I felt the spirit very strong and I knew where I was going to be transferred is the area for me. Then President calls my name as an Office Elder. :) My area is Chermside. I will be working in the office half the day and proselyting half the day in Chermside. Not going to lie... it's going to be hard to get used to but it's an honor as well because President only puts Elders he trusts here. My P-Day will be Saturdays now. So my companions are Elder Hoskins and Elder Hurst. I'm in a tri-companionship cause Elder Hurst is training me on the duties. But really I'm kind of in a 6 way companionship because we are always with the Assistants. I really like the Assistants.
I was not expecting this calling at all but I know that I'm here for a reason and I will go where the Lord wants me to go.
1 Nephi 3: 7 means more to me now.

I have been very sick these past few days. President thinks I have swine flu. (I talk to him on a daily basis now :)
Transfers were on my birthday so later when I had to take care of the departing missionaries, President Richards, his wife and their daughter sang Happy Birthday to me. That was cool and because I'm in the office now I got my package from you on my birthday! Thank you so much for that! The assistants liked the candy too! Haha.
Well now we are not restricted to any area and we don't have a limit on kilometers so I think were going to a zoo today.
I know I'm here for a reason. I've had that witness. I know that Jesus Christ leads this church. And that's why I love this church so much. It's true.
God Speed the Right.
-Elder Hales

PS. Can you mention on the blog that now that I'm in the office I will be SO busy and won't always have time to send letters to my fans? :-)

Carly! Congrats on getting the job. I knew it would come.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A quick note

Dear Family-
Things sound amazing up there and things are going awesome down here in Australia!! We have been sooo blessed. Things are a little hectic and this week is going to be incredibly busy. I'm starting to doubt we will have time to tract this week! Our days are already booked!
Alana is doing amazing! She is so awesome. She has now had her baptism interview and everything is going amazing.
Tim is the man. His baptism is Sunday at 3:00 since its Stake Conference.
We have one more lesson with Alana and two more with Tim. The spirit is so strong whenever we teach them. We do have the best fellowshippers in the ward. The Evans' and the Bray's are so cool. Just awesome families.
Well, we didn't have much time to write today. We have a lesson with Fiona in a few minutes.
Our ward leaders are so awesome and such a big help. Transfers are coming up this next week and I'm nervous cause I really don't want to leave... but there are 24 new missionaries coming so a lot of areas will have changes.
There are so many blessings from this gospel. I know it's true. I know that. Love you all.
God speed the right.

-Elder Adam Hales

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The First Law of Heaven

G'Day Mate!
Mitchell Giles is already leaving!? Far out -- that came quick! Good on him. He is going to be a powerhouse.

Well, things have been going so amazingly well with us. I can really feel your prayers! Our whole district is improving! A lot of missionaries in our district have been having a problem with faith and I'm not sure that all of them are 100% obedient. But at zone conference, Sister Richards talked about faith and obedience. Obedience is action and Action IS FAITH! We will have 3 baptisms in our district. Our District leader, Elder Nelson, and his companion have one baptism scheduled for August 15th. Alana is still doing amazing for August 14th and there is one more miracle that Elder Prina and I stumbled into.
His name is Tim. This is the best ever. I don't know how it could be more golden! Tim is from the U.K. He is 21 and such a genuine guy! He is basically good at everything too! He can throw a rugby ball farther than anyone I've seen. That's beside the point. :) On Wednesday night we get a call from a recently married couple that live RIGHT ACROSS the path to get out of our complex. They are the Bray's. They are awesome! Brother Bray served his mission in Hong Kong and is such an amazing guy. So he calls us up Wednesday night and says, " Hey Elders! I have a guy at my place right now that wants to hear the discussions! Can you come over tonight?" So we decided that it would be great to go teach him. :-) We had a dinner appointment already with a family, the Faleafulugogo's. They had a non-member that we were able to teach and get a return appointment with and after that we went and met Tim. They had already watched the Restoration DVD and Brother Bray had answered most of his questions so we really just taught "Pray to know" and sealed it with our testimonies. Tim went to our sports day on Saturday and came to church yesterday. He said that Fast and Testimony meeting and the sacrament was powerful. It's a long story but Tim is living with the Bray's so he has "continual fellowship" and Tim said he would like to be baptized. We had Brother Carter (1st councilor to the Bishop) pull him out of class and interview him and they had a good long interview. Brother Carter walked up to Brother Bray afterwards and Tim was right there as Brother Carter said, "I want him baptized by Tuesday!" Haha -- I LOVE BROTHER CARTER! Tim knew it was a joke but we want to shoot for Tim's baptism on August 14 in the afternoon. Alana's is in the morning.

I LOVE THIS WORK!!!! I'm so lucky to be a missionary for Jesus Christ. I know He lives!!!

Elder Prina and I were lucky enough to teach seminary this morning! Waking up super early again. I love it. We were assigned to teach from Romans 8. It's such a great chapter about our Savior and the Atonement. We did the analogy of doughnuts. We put a doughnut in front of everyone and told them that they couldn't eat it yet. We asked who would like to eat it... NO ONE PUT UP THEIR HAND! UGH dang ... but Elder Prina was playing the part of the Savior. A Doughnut cost 10 push ups. So I turned to Elder Prina and said...Alright no one wants a doughnut. That will be 10 push-ups per person. Elder Prina stopped after every 10 push ups and asked who it was for. Made it more dramatic! :) By the end the kids got the point. The spirit was strong as we talked about the Atonement. If you get a chance- read Romans 8 and look for how Hope is a Christlike attribute! It's great.

Well thank you for your prayers. I love you all and pray for the best for you.
God speed
-Elder Hales