Monday, April 6, 2009

April 6, 2009

Hey Family!

When I hear that Bro. Yee isn't baptized yet, it really gets stuck in my head. If he doesn't get baptized before I get home, then he is mine.
Transfers are every 6 weeks but chances are that I will stay for 3-6 months. I can't believe its already been one month!

"Keen" is a popular word here. Yeah, it means prime or perfect. We use it in referring to a golden investigator.

NICK IS THE MAN!!!! What a stud muffin! Dang he is so cool. (*Nick is his cousin and just got accepted to BYU on a full scholarship.)

This week has been great! It's been getting cooler. As in the 80's, so I'm loving it. But I can't believe we're on our last week of the transfer. Time is going way too fast. I keep having these nightmares that my mission is over and I can't remember anything that happened here in Australia. It really scares me so much. I hope these 2 years never end.
So we get phone calls this Friday finding out if we are transferred or staying. Elder Tietjen and I are almost guaranteed to stay, but with Elder Tohoro and Elder Nelson it's a toss up. Elder Tohoro has been out one more transfer than Elder Tietjen and I. And in Cairns for one more transfer too. Elder Nelson has been here for 6 months but he is the district leader so he could stay one more. I'm going to miss whoever goes. I cut Elder Nelson's hair this morning. :)

I found out this week that one of my good friends at Uni got his mission call. German is going to Long Beach Spanish speaking. Stud.
Our Investigators are doing great. We were looking at our weekly planning and noticed all of our investigators are down and out.
Darren came to church again yesterday- but something is up. We went through the baptism interview questions and he has a lot of issues so we are just going to skip the interview with the District leader and go straight to President Richards when he is here in 3 weeks for zone conf.
Elder Tietjen and I love him and we are going to go start the stop smoking program at one o'clock today.
But he said he would stop. We really want to see him baptized.

Carissa just had to leave for a whole week to Brisbane because her uncle (father figure) died. But we know that this is just preparing her even more. She had such a spiritual experience our Branch mission leader said that he has never seen an investigator that amazing.

Patricia isn't even an investigator yet! We haven't taught a real lesson with her. We tracted into her a couple of weeks ago and I just thought "is she a member?"
Her mom has been in the hospital this whole time and Patricia thought she was sick with Dangy fever but really has cancer. So she told us that and said that she really wants to meet with us.
We also had to chop a couple of people we were teaching. That's always sad.
But as you can see, the Lord has really been preparing this area and helping Elder Tietjen and I so much.

Yesterday we taught a less active lady and we watched "The Restoration" and it really hit me again how lucky I am to be a missionary for the Lord's church.
General Conf. will be the 18th and 19th here. I can't wait. It's weird you're already telling me about it. I think they send down the DVD's. Not sure though.

God Speed the Right
- Elder Hales

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