Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Candy Man

G'Day Mate!
Well, sorry for sending that email last week 15 times. My computer froze and I thought you didn't get it! So I just kept clicking send.
The house is fancy nancy!! It looks nice!
You already got the pictures I sent! That was the fastest mail has got to the USA!! Wow!

Well, this week was amazing! We have been blessed so so so much! Thank you for your prayers! This week just went so well! I'M SO HAPPY!
So Fiona and her boyfriend Junior didn't come play basketball last week but we had a lesson with them Tuesday. AMAZING!! We taught the 10 commandments and played the game Memory with the 10 commandment pictures under pass along cards. We did a quiz afterwards and Fiona remembered ALL 10 OF THEM! Junior said that he is going to church every week! He is so cool. But he is a bouncer at Clubs and all. Gotta get him a new job! So we are going to set a baptism date with Fiona this week!

Another miracle this week is Lance Gunner. We tracted into Lance last week and got a return appointment for this week. He is now an investigator. Lance is paralyzed and cannot talk. He can stand up- with Elder Prina's and my help. He can move his arms but not his fingers very well. When we tracted into him, when we asked him a question, all he did was grunt so he went in and came back with a piece of paper that was laminated with the alphabet on it. So as you can imagine it takes a long time for him to talk to us. But well worth it! He holds a grudge for the man that did that to him and I would too, but he needs the Atonement in his life so bad. Before we taught the Restoration he told us, "I will never stop yous from coming. But if you come on too strong with God I'll kick you guys out ." So we decided to commit him to baptism that lesson! :) He shook his head no. So we taught him about the Priesthood and told him that one of us could perform the baptism and he warmed up to it. But he is an awesome guy. He actually is way stronger than me. We arm wrestled and he beat me bad. Then he goes on to show us his arm wrestling medals. He has about 5. Then every time we shake his hand he challenges us to squeeze his hand as hard as we can. He always destroys us.
Well this transfer went way too fast. Only one week left. I hope neither of us get transferred. WE have work to do here. And the ward leaders are just too awesome!

I love you all and thank you for your support and prayers. There is no greater work.
God speed the right.
- Elder Hales

O yeah!!! - got the package!!! Thank you so much!!! It was SOOOO good to have American candy. Yum! Love you.
(* Reeses peanut butter cups and Butterfingers was all it took for all those exclamation points.)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Last week I wrote this awesome letter and it was soo long... then I had less than one minute left and sent it and the computer shut down... so I was hoping it sent, but I guess not. Dang.

Well, last week I talked about Zone Conference and interviews. That was great. I loved being able to go to a huge zone conf. again. Even though Cairns was awesome because there were only 5 other people in the room with President Richards- it was awesome to go to one where there are 70 missionaries because the spirit is so strong and we learn so much from each other!
In interviews the first thing President Richards said was, "Do you miss Cairns??" He can read minds. But I really am grateful to be down here with this great opportunity in Waterford.
Also- One of our AP's right now is Elder Lindall and he is from Dana Point. He actually grew up with Dalin McKeon and went to the skate park with him. Elder Lindall runs track for UCLA but tell the Allred's to tell Dalin that Elder Lindall is in this mission. When I was chilling with the AP's and office elders for 2 days I made that connection.

On a miracle note ... I love this .. hope you do too. Our Bishop - Bishop Cassity is the best bishop I've ever met. Such a spiritual man he should be a general authority. Anyway 2 weeks ago he went into the hospital because he was having a hard time breathing. He had an infection in his kidneys that spread to his liver and then he had 2 heart attacks. The doctors gave him 10 hours to live at best. He survived those 10 hours and then kept going. They were certain he was going to die. The ward was fasting and everyone was praying for him and because of everyone's faith, he is still alive and will be released from the hospital in 7 days. His wife, Sister Cassity, got up to speak yesterday and shared this story. While she was talking I felt the spirit so strong I knew that Jesus Christ healed him. It really was a miracle JUST LIKE the miracles he performed when he was on the Earth. And I witnessed it. That was an honor!
Honestly- This week was hard again. We only had about 5 lessons. I feel bad for Elder Prina. I want to get him tons of practice teaching like I had in Cairns.

Let me tell you about this stud muffin, Brother Evans. He is the best Ward Mission leader I've ever met. And we are lucky to have him in our ward. He wants to help out with EVERYthing! He is almost done with Medical Uni (what Aussie's call university) and has a wife and baby girl. Just a perfect happy dude. He is really helpful. Through his help- Elder Prina and I have got a family to come to church 2 times now and are looking to be active. Well- it wasn't us- it was the Lord. But Brother Evans is a super big help.

Well things are great with me. Everything is going perfect because of all of your prayers. Thank you all.
Love you and don't forget to read the scriptures!
God Speed the Right
-Elder Hales

HAPPY FATHERS DAY BY THE WAY POPS. ALMOST FORGOT. It's in a different month here, so happy father's day. Cheers!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Great quote

My brother and sister-in-law have this quote on a piece of decorated wood in their home. I love it. (Their son Mason is also on a mission.)

mis sion ary, (noun)
Someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Life is beautiful

Vegemite is disgusting. But yes, I had some once upon a greenie.

Elder Justin Hodgkinson is sitting one computer to the left of me right now. He is our Zone Leader and he is the man.

Okay, so many things have been rushing through my head now and I forgot to tell you so much! I'll start with Cairns --
Up in Cairns we were teaching a family. The mother was Idoby. I think I mentioned her in an email before. Anyway, we had taught her a few days before I got transferred and she asked, "When can I be baptized?" so we said, "Would you like to set a date?" and she said " I was thinking Sunday" which was 2 days away. I love being a missionary. So she should be baptized in a few days.
Well, after I flew down we were driving with the AP's and they said "Did you know Elder Holland is coming on Wednesday?" So we were just casual as we said, "WHAT!!"
It was the day after transfers and we drove up to the chapel right next to the temple and I got to listen to Elder Jeffery Holland for the second time on my mission! It was amazing. Before he spoke he allowed all the missionaries to walk up row by row and shake his hand. That was amazing. I bear witness that Jeffery Holland is an Apostle of Jesus Christ. I shook his hand and he asked, "Elder- where you from?" so I said "Los Angeles." Then later in his talk he said " You know I interviewed you as I shook your hand. You know we do that, right?" That was cool. He then told President Richards he has a good mission. He did say there were a few that struggle but that we are a good mission. That was a bummer. If every missionary were obedient and converted we would be ON FIRE! But he went on to give an amazing talk. He didn't stay at the pulpit but walked around as he spoke and it was amazing! You could tell he completely went by the spirit! He started out by saying "Well, I'll start with this and see where the Spirit leads me."
He went on to express the power of the Book of Mormon and how we need to use it more.

Well things here have been good! Waterford is an amazing area. We have had a lot of success and its been good tracting. He have a few more investigators now. We worked yesterday because it is Queens birthday and everyone would be home and prime proselyting time. We went tracting for around 3 hours and it was great. Our first door we knocked the guy wouldn't stop cussing until we left. Our last door...the last one that we were about to call it a night - but went one more- we found who we were tracting for. Two ladies who have had trials all their lives. There are miracles every day.
Our 2 investigators now are both going to move out of the area.
Fiona came to an amazing fireside we had on Sunday. We had a little stand with pamphlets and Books of Mormon on a table. It was excellent. I think we have 2 or 3 appointments from it. Anyway, Fiona is moving out of her home because of the bad influences there. So she will be baptized, just not in our area.
Our other investigator has an amazing story. She is in her 40's, divorced and working 3 jobs to support her kids. We tracted into her and she said no but we left her a pamphlet with our number on it and told her to call us if she needs help moving. AND SHE DID! She said "I can't believe I'm doing this but you said to call if I need help." So we go help move and get a return appointment for the next day. We go back the next day and teach her the Plan of Salvation with Trials. She felt the spirit and will still allow us to teach her. But she moved so were going to pass her on to the sister missionaries in that area.
Anyway we are being so blessed. Thank you everyone for your prayers. I've got the best job in the world.

Love you all.
God speed the Right.
Elder Hales

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fall is in the air

G'Day Mate!
Well this library is a mess and it looks like I only have 10 min. to write so I'll fill ya in with as much as I can!
Waterford bumps up on the area I was trained in so it's kinda weird to be back. Waterford is AMAZING! The ward here is so great. They make missionary work #1 or 2 priority and everyone fulfills their callings. I LOVE IT! Even the ward missionaries!
We made a member visit with the Bishop and the spirit was so strong in his home alone! Wow --his conversion story was amazing too!

It is SO COLD HERE!!! Wow -- I thought Cairns was getting cold... Brisbane at night and in the mornings - you need a sweater. It's kinda nice though, not being soaked in sweat at the end of the day.

My companion is Elder Prina. He is from Provo, Utah. He is a funny kid.
That missionary that is new in your ward is an amazing missionary. Give him referrals. :) I'm excited for him!

Well, we only have one investigator here. Kinda different than Cairns where we had 14 investigators at one point ... but our one here is Fiona. Fiona is Kiwi. (From New Zealand) She is in her 20's and has one kid. We met Fiona yesterday and she has amazing fellowship. We actually had the lesson in the fellowship's home. So we spent some time to get to know them and then we just jumped right into things and taught the Word of Wisdom! :) Didnt get a complete Yes to the commitment but she accepted a return appointment to talk about the Stop Smoking Program. We are pretty excited about her. The elders in the area before kept the area book pretty organized so that was nice and they wrote some notes about her that they think she will be baptized. I do too! She said that she got an answer that the Book of Mormon is true so we're pretty well off. Only one investigator but she's good!

Also, Our flat is in an apartment complex and about half of our ward lives in it! Not even joking! Our bishop lives right across the hall! And a ton of others. Fiona's fellowship lives in our complex so we had the lesson about 5 doors down yesterday. Its pretty cool.

It was Temple day today!!!! I got to go after about 4 months of not being able to go! It was great to do that this morning!

God Speed!
Love you all
Elder Hales