Wednesday, May 27, 2009

From an expert

Orietta emailed and explained about the Didgeridoo:

By the way, it is pronounced Didge-er-ree-doo. Digde as in ridge. It is hard to play - you need to make your lips vibrate (like a Brrrrrr sound) as you pout them out and you need to keep doing that as you blow out slightly through your mouth. You need to breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Hard to explain via email. Easier to show you. I can't play one because I can't do the lip bit properly and I think I remember hearing that females are not supposed to play them but I am not sure why.

And now we know the rest of the story . . .

Monday, May 25, 2009


Yes, I was transferred! On Friday I got a call from the AP's and they told me I was being transferred. Not going to lie- I'm pretty cut up. I'm really sad!! I have so much to tell it's cramming my brain. I'll start with where I am now. Right now I'm in the same library I wrote emails from as when I was being trained. My new area is Waterford. I am follow- up training Elder Prina. But I'm not sure if I have anything to do! He is awesome. He has been out 6 weeks. Nerdy guy so it should be great! Waterford bumps up to Crestmead- my first area, so it's kinda weird to be back here. Really weird. I'm senior companion and that is weird too. Full-time driver and once again- whitewashed into an area. Pressure is on.

Our District Leader, Elder Tuhoro found out he was going south with me. On Sunday morning at 4:00 we went to the airport and got to Brisbane by 7. So we basically worked and cruised around Brisbane the next 2 days. I've never felt so pointless in my life. I don't like not having an area. All day yesterday Elder Tuhoro (my companion for 2 days) had to clean some flat and got lost around Brisbane. Ugh.

Today is P-day. We had transfer meeting this morning and that was my first Transfer meeting. It was like Christmas! Found out I'm in Logan again so those 10 pounds I lost in Cairns will probably come back! ha :(

My last day in Cairns I got a picture with Orietta and bore my testimony to her and I've only felt the spirit that strong a few times. It was wonderful. I will miss her.
I'll definitely miss Elder Tietjen. He is the Man. Really awesome companion and good friend.
The diggery do is really hard to play. I can do it but it takes 30 seconds to warm up. You play it by blowing out and let your lips bump together. Hard to explain. But I can't believe it got there so quick! Wow.
Okay no time left.

Love you all! Wish you well.
God Speed the Right.
-Elder Adam Hales

Don't forget to tell everyone to write to the Brisbane address again!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Adam's Didgeradoo came today. He just told me in his last letter that he was mailing it and it would take a month or two. Turns out it was less than a week. Anyway, I unwrapped it and it's a long wooden "thing." Here's what the dictionary says it is:

"Musical lip-reed wind instrument, made from a hollow eucalyptus branch 1.5 m/4 ft long and blown to produce rhythmic, booming notes of relatively constant pitch. It was first developed and played by Australian Aborigines."

It's about 4 feet in length and has pretty paintings on it. I can't get it to make music though. Can't figure out how it works. For now, it's a conversation piece. And I suspect it's the "must buy" souvineer for missionaries serving in Australia -- especially in the outback.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another week

Hey family!
It was good to talk to you last week. It was pretty funny though- all three other Elders in our flat talked for 3 hours. I don't get how they could do that. They were pretty trunky and home- sick after. :)
For myself it was good to hear your voices and remember the Greenie Pride I have. (enthusiastic about the work)
Things here have been awesome. Last week after our phone calls, Elder Tietjen and Elder Mooney were on the phone, Elder Tuhoro and I got to go do some service for an awesome family in the branch. He was a pro- rugby player and less active guy- and changed his life around, retired, married in the temple. This week was very good though. We only had 12 lessons this week, but we had 2 families come to church! We are blessed so much.
We did chop Darren. It was sad. But I'm not too cut about it.
We're more excited for these two families.
The lady I was telling you about last week -- Idoby --We ended up getting a commitment out of her to come to church! And she did. We taught her the Restoration with the DVD in Gospel Principles and she was just bawling! She bore her testimony of Joseph Smith that he is a prophet, and then told us we ARE coming over to teach her the discussions. We said Okay. :) Idoby and her 3 daughters (who love church and asked to come) came to church this week. We were not able to teach her before church yesterday but we did go by with our fellowship (to teach) but her partner was there so it was a bad time. There are some awesome fellowship families in this branch. Anyway we are going by tonight for FHE to teach her and hopefully commit her to baptism. Not going to lie: Idoby wants Adam Monroe (less active partner) to move out and so do I. Just the kids want their dad there.
The other family that came is Greggory and Diggery. They have 8 kids but only 2 came. But he was the one whose brother committed suicide. He is just the most humble guy ever. He did go to his church that he always goes to earlier that morning so we are going to work hard on him. We didn't even meet with him this week. He lives around 25 k's away so we don't get down there often.
Those are the 2 families we are SO EXCITED about! Please pray for them!

Transfers are next week. I'm nervous. I really don't want to leave. It's been 3 months up here. We get phone calls this Friday telling us if we are staying or going.
It is such a blessing to be a missionary. I love it. I know that this church is the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Love you all so much. I'm praying for you!

Gotta go
God Speed!
-Elder Hales

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day phone call

We had a fun phone call today with Elder Hales. Carly was here with us and also "Grandpa" Leo. (family friend) We also had Cheri's family on the web cam so that they could listen in and talk with him.

He is LOVING his mission and says he wouldn't want to be anywhere else at this time in his life. "The time is flying by way too fast." He is so happy and grateful to be there.

He's disappointed in the progress that Darren is making. Or rather -- isn't. He said that if he hasn't read the material they've given him or done any praying, they will have to chop him this week. A challenge there in Australia with others that he is teaching is that marriage isn't a priority and frequently couples don't bother with it. The people are very laid back and will listen, but don't follow through with the required reading and praying. But on a happier note: they teach about 17 lessons a week to members and non-members. And he's excited about some new golden contacts.

The missionaries are very vigilant in their use of bug spray because they need to prevent Dengue. (pronounced: dang-ge) If they get it once, they have to leave Australia. (If they get it twice, it can be fatal. But that's rare.) He said that after the bus ride up there to Cairns, he had 27 mosquito bites on his arms alone.

He sent me a letter this week wishing me a happy Mother's day and took up the whole page to bear his testimony. He has really grown spiritually and has such a deeper appreciation for the Atonement and for the gospel. "I have been called of God and I know who I am. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and I represent Him." And naturally, I cried.

We're so blessed and proud of his growth. It has been an incredible experience for all of us. We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers in his behalf.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Holiday week

OYE! How ya goin?

MITCHELL GOT HIS MISSION CALL!!!! NO WAY!! HE'S THE MAN! Tell him I say congrats and that he is going to LOVE the hood!

Elder Winder is so right. Time flies too quick.

As far as money- I have had to use a little more than I like lately. We have been cursed with flat tires. I got 2 in one week. Luckily Elder Tietjen is like Dad and knows how to do everything, so I have him do it. :) He is a lot quicker than I am. I love my companion.
In transfers in 2-3 weeks I'm getting nervous 'cause it's possible one of us could go- and I'm certain there is no missionary like Elder Tietjen when it comes to working. I love it.

These last 2 weeks have been hard. We have had to chop about 6 investigators cause they stopped progressing. Now Darren is on the chopping block. I love that guy. Since he has been meeting with us and reading, his life has been blessed so much!! He has kind of taken those blessing and ran with them. He doesn't meet with us as much. We have to be really bold with him this Wednesday.
Gregory is our one really progressing investigator right now. He is great. He is aboriginal and one of the most humble and shy guys I've met. He is not the stereotypical aboriginal. He is 100 percent cowboy!! We have taught him 3 times now and he came to church 2 days ago. We asked him how he liked it and all he said was "It's truth." They speak like that- so we are getting excited. The only problem is that he has a partner and a family with a nice house. Just not married. So that should be an adventure! Maybe try to get them baptized the same day as their wedding. He has read up to the 21st chapter of 1st Nephi but his comprehension is 0%. Pray for him.
Carissa has moved down to Brisbane for 4 weeks to see how she likes this job she just got. We watched the Restoration with her. She liked it. She said yes to baptism the first time we met with her. Hopefully she continues to read the Book of Mormon down south.
I spoke in church last week. It was good. They had me speak on the blessings of being a missionary and how this gospel changes lives. So basically my life. They said they really wanted me to be "fun" in my talk, so I started with an analogy about a surfing story I had. I went over by 10 min. and so they started kicking me. :) I only looked down at my notes 2 times. Mom, you would be proud. :)

Today is our P-day cause yesterday was a public holiday. Great time to work! In the morning we had a District party. (we would call it a Stake party) And that was in Atherton. Its very cooler up there. It was nice. For about 5 seconds I was almost cold! It was sports day. Elder Tietjen, of course, won the Cross Country race. It was nice cause it was in a huge field so I could see my companion the whole time. We also played a little Touch Football. (Rugby)
Talk to ya next week. We will use our mobile's with a calling card. I don't think that will cost you anything. Hope not. Call you on your Mothers Day.
Love you all.
God Speed the Right

Elder Hales