Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hold to the Rod

Dear Mom and Dad,

Elder Tauiliili and I went to seminary this morning to help the teacher with all the students passing off scripture mastery. There are some excellent youth here.

Another week has blown by. We had Zone conference this week and that was definitely the highlight. It was sooo good. One Elder gave an excellent training on "talking to everyone" and then the President gave such good training on Repentance, Grace and Mercy and the Atonement. President also talked about being chastened and how the Lord chastens those that he loves. He said that we must be chastened and accept it to make it to the Celestial Kingdom. I have been praying for humbling experiences and now I am praying to be chastened! Ha ha I love it. The night after Zone conference I really had an experience like Enos. The words of President had really sunk into my head and I realized ways I need to improve as a missionary and as a person. This week as I was studying I read somewhere that we need to "read the scriptures introspectively" -- to look for how we can improve and that is something that is hard and we have to get used to- it's likening the scriptures to us. Each week before weekly planning, President has us do an introspection. To really look at where we are and where we want to be and to set goals to achieve that. Then that week we choose just a few things to work on. I have a goal to read the Book of Mormon 2 hours a day. In study and in language study. It is really going to help me grip the iron rod firm to keep on the goal. If we let go of the iron rod- or stop reading the scriptures we WILL get lost in the mist.

This week we had 3 investigators at church again. Things are really going well. We had a member tell us "you guys are going a good job" after she saw how many were in our Gospel Principles class. It always feels good when members compliment the work. Our new Ward Mission Leader is the Man. He is Tongan but grew up in Hawaii his whole life. He had a full ride scholarship to Colorado playing gridiron but got caught up in the wrong things and went through A LOT but now he has his own security business and a wonderful family. Very humble and spiritual guy.

Things are great here. Hope and pray all is well at home.
Love you all,
Elder Hales

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Dear mom and dad,

Another week has completely blown by.
This week was pretty good. We had some good lessons and I really feel we are doing good at gaining the members' trust. Mom and Dad- can you write me and tell me the "members point of view" with missionaries? What you love that they do and what you don't. If you have any experiences where you didn’t like when they asked for referrals and things like that. And then Dad- what you like out of missionaries as a stake president. It would be good to have on hand to share.

The work here is about to boom! We just got a new Ward Mission Leader yesterday and he already organized a Family Home evening tonight where we can invite our investigators and share a short message.

We have dinner every Wed. night at our Bishops house. Our Bishop is so awesome. He has a son on a mission in England. That son left playing professional rugby for the Gold Coast Titans and is tearing it up in England. I just really love this ward and how great all of them are.

I read an article out of an Ensign from the 1990's. It was from that Olympian gymnast that came and did a tri-stake fireside when I was young. This article was so good I wish I would have remembered what he spoke to us about. This article was about Desire and Accomplishing Goals. He said that President Kimball had 2 signs in his office- one saying "DO IT" and the other "DON'T QUIT." Growing up I had so many goals I didn't accomplish. I had a desire to do them but it wasn't strong enough. One thing I remember in my teachers quorum is Brother Wunderi would always say to us that our goal should be to do what we want/need to do 100% of the time and be completely in control of appetites and desires. I always wanted to know how to gain a stronger desire so I could actually accomplish my goals. And it's simply get close to our father in heaven by scripture study and prayer and don’t let anything distract you. Music was something that Satan would use to distract me. But at my study desk I have 20 goals listed and above them I have "DO IT, DON'T QUIT." It feels so much better to actually be what you want to be instead of thinking about what you want to be.
I love being a missionary.
I love you mom and dad.
-Elder Hales

Monday, March 15, 2010

Short and sweet

Dear Mom and Dad,

This week has been great and hard! A lot of biking since our car is being borrowed for a little over a week.

I don't really have much time to write- I really feel bad making Elder Tauiliili wait so long.
Things have been AWESOME! Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven and they have come. President Richards said that when you are exactly obedient and do all "the small things perfectly" the Lord will ask you to put more on the altar of sacrifice. That is what I am really trying to do.

Santi is ENGAGED!! So she will be married and baptized very soon!

We had a good show of investigators at church this week and although we only have 2 baptism dates- it looks like we will be blessed with more soon.

I'm glad that you had a good time with family mom. And dad- I have wondered how I was related to Elder Robert D. Hales for a long time. Everyone always asks me and I never know what to say!!! :) (*distantly related)

I love you all family, and Cheri-- CONGRATS ON THE DUDE! Time for another dude in the family! :)
God Speed the Right
-Elder Adam Hales

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad,

This week was full of miracles. It has been a blast! Monday was rough because we had a dinner appointment in another city 30 min. away, so we decided to work the whole day in that area. It was raining so we were tracting in the rain the whole day! But then it just got even better.

We went to the Temple on Wednesday and on Thursday we had a lesson with
Shanti where we committed her to keep the Word of Wisdom and to be baptized. She said yes to both. She really understands the Gospel very well.

We were even more blessed when we contacted a referral from Church Headquarters. His name is Steven and he has already read up to 2 Nephi. The referral was for a "Finding Happiness" which doesn't exist- (a movie??) but when we went by he let us come in and started explaining Joseph Smith's first vision to us..???... then he says.. "is what I'm saying right?" Miracle. We told him we have a copy of the Book of Mormon that he can have instead of using the internet and he went to give a donation for it. We didn't accept it and we explained that we paid our way to come out here. When we bore testimony he looked like it was piercing his heart. He is definitely seeking the truth. He has found it.

Another great blessing where we saw the hand of the Lord is we have two baptism dates for the 27th of March. Bethany and Brianna Gaul and two young girls who are daughters of a less- active member who wants to come back to church. We met with them the first week in Tweed Heads but then they moved and got a new phone so we completely lost contact.
One day we were driving past the suburb we heard that she moved into and I had a feeling we were going to catch her walking her daughters home from school. Sure enough a block later we pulled over and talked to them. We set up a lesson the next day. The following day we went by and had such a great lesson where the spirit was able to touch all of them. Please pray for them and their mother Jorgina. They need blessings and strength.

Yesterday while I was studying, I was reading an Ensign that talked about the experience Moses had when he saw God and shortly after saw Satan. The point it was making is that God referred to Moses as "My Son" several times and when Satan came later, he called Moses by saying: "Moses, Son of Man, worship me." Moses, just after seeing the divinity of God could see the difference and cast Satan away. But what I learned is that Satan doesn't want us to remember that we are actually children of God. He is going to lie to us, he is going to attack us and the closer we get to Heavenly Father- the more he is going to work to keep us away. Every sin starts with us believing a lie! I loved that- it really hit me in the face. I love you mom and dad- thanks for everything.
God Speed-
Elder Hales

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Dear mom and dad,

All of us are really sad President Richards will be leaving. We are excited for President Langeland too, though. (the new Mission President in July) Yesterday we had interviews with President Richards. They are so awesome. He opens up for any questions with unlimited time. While I was in the office he said that "where else are young adult men going to get unlimited interview time with an experienced Priesthood leader?"

We got to go to the temple this morning. Awesome because Tweed Heads is the lowest area that gets to go to the temple. We have a train station at the top of our area so we drove there and took an hour and a half train ride up to Brisbane.

This week was so great. Elder Tauiliili and I are working hard. Our ward is really great and keeping us busy. We don't have any baptism dates yet which is a bummer but we will soon. We have one investigator who is Seventh Day and he said that he got an answer to his prayer that the Book of Mormon isn't true. I asked my Zone Leader what he would say in that situation. He said its fair game to be WAY bold. So it went extremely well! :-) I committed him to read a chapter a day and pray everyday to know if the Book of Mormon is true and seek an answer from the Holy Ghost. He said, "This is really important to you isn't it? What do you know that I don't?" And I said, "That the Book of Mormon is scripture." He said that he would read a chapter a day. I pray we don't have to stop teaching him because that is what we will have to do if he doesn't keep that.
I really can't write much today.
Love you all
God Speed the right
-Elder Adam Hales