Sunday, June 27, 2010

O that I were an angel . . . .

Dear family,
I seriously feel like Ammon of old and how he kept passing out because of joy in his brothers in the Gospel. I love how his brother rebukes him for sounding prideful but Ammon continues on saying how much he is nothing and he rejoices in the strength of the Lord. How much has our family been blessed by the Lord? I'm actually shaking right now... whether because its sooo cold or because I am so excited to write about the blessings we have, I don't know. Carly going through the temple is such exciting news. Everyone in the family is endowed!!!

Thanks for asking about BYU-Idaho. Speaking of which . . .I'm so sorry about the way I was before the mission. There are a couple of young men here that are making their parents get gray hair and I can feel a portion of what it's like when investigators don't keep commitments. Sorry for even the tiny things like quitting piano! (* that's "tiny"???) ha ha

This week has been fantastic. The work is so amazing. The more Member Present Lessons- the more success... the more blessings... the more joy. If I have any advice for families... it would be to have the missionaries teach in your home. The blessings are so great- especially with children seeing what is going on. My companion is such a champion. We just got about 8-10 Ward Missionaries called so I am so excited. This work is amazing... there is nothing better. My favourite hymn is "Hark! All Ye Nations!" Searching in darkness, nations have wept and we are so blessed to be the ones chosen by God to serve him below. The more I listen to it the more I realize I will never be released from the calling.

The Work is true. Sounds like things are excellent at home but there is no other errand I would rather be on.
Love you family!
-Elder Hales

Haha - thank you for the Honduran drinks. When I opened one up I put it to my nose for a smell and it smelled good...and I could tell it was made in Central America. They taste awesome.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Elder Willie and I

It was "one of those weeks"

G'Day Mom and Dad,

This week was such a hard week. Its been tough and I have felt down at times but then I can't feel down for 5 minutes because I remember the Lord and how much closer I am getting to him through the Atonement. President Richards told us that when people say if we sin, we hurt Jesus Christ just that much more- it is false doctrine!! I loved when President said, "People who say that don't understand the meaning of INFINITE".

It was sad this week because we lost another baptism date. That is 4 now that I have lost in the Tweed Heads area. I have been praying for humbling experiences. Just didn't think they would come this way. :) Shanti is still doing GREAT!! But ____ is not keeping commitments and even drank some coffee... he's 14!!! We have not chopped him yet. We're hoping we won't have to. Faith preceeds the miracle. Faith is action so keep him in your prayers. Action is obedience, so we are doing our best.

Elder Willie is such a good companion. We have had 2 trade-offs this week and Zone Conference so sometimes I feel the work goes over a speed bump with trade-offs but they are excellent learning opportunities. One of our zone leaders was trained in this area so he came here on one of those trade-offs with me. One of the members he used to teach with is less active now. That was one of those "the higher you are, the farther you fall" cases. But the member was so excited to see him and came to church yesterday.

One of the reasons I was transferred into Tweed Heads , (besides me picking it), was because of Alan King. He has been less active for 5 years and with our visits and the spirit touching him he has been coming back to church. Two Sundays ago he bore his testimony. It was awesome!!! This week in two lessons we had with him- the Spirit whipped him into shape. I have grown to be really good friends with Alan and during one of the lessons he told me that I am his mate. In American that means " you're like a brother to me." There are so many blessings that come from bringing people to Christ.

I have noticed that my mission has been preparing me to make it to the Celestial Kingdom more than anything. I become converted. I had a testimony before my mission but I wasn't converted. The worst was that I thought I didn't have a testimony because I never had a "one big moment" that converts usually have. My testimony came little by little my whole life and I was too focused on getting a testimony when I already had one. During that time, the adversary would tell lies like: "you don't have a testimony.. you can do this... " One memory I have was when I was 14 or 15 during high school. I wasn't going through good times and I remember kneeling down in Carly's room and praying that Heavenly Father would let me feel his love for me. And I did. I felt such comfort. Does God answer every child's prayer? Yes. Does he answer EVERYONE'S prayer? I know he does.

Dad, have the missionaries take you teaching. I would die to have a stake president in my ward!

Love you Mom and Dad


Monday, June 14, 2010

The Spirit of Ammon

Dear Mom and Dad,

If Pete Giles is in the Bishopric, who will be the new Ward Mission Leader??? This is important!

Michael - -I'm not coming home. I could stay in Tweed Heads forever.
Well, this week has been awesome. Monday was a holiday so we had a ward activity and worked. It was a good day. Last night we had a lesson with a man named Alan King who has been reactivated. We have really grown to be good friends. We taught him the Law of Chastity and taught him the difference between Love and Lust. It finally clicked and I knew he was feeling the spirit so I pounced on it.

Then we had a Missionary Activity by our Ward Mission Leader. He is a big Tongan from Hawaii and he put a pig on a spit yesterday. It was way good and we had some non-members come. Shanti was there with Josh. Josh is almost a pro surfer so he brought some pictures of his surf trip to Bali and told me that when I come back he is going to take me surfing to all the best spots. :) I just told him I'm never leaving and want to be like Ammon and dwell among the people all my days to declare repentance :)

We taught a man named Peter yesterday. He is such a smart and good guy! In the lesson we read from 3 Nephi 11. As we were reading I knew he felt the spirit so I asked him and he said he did. He proceeded to say that he knows the Book of Mormon is true and described it as "when all your hairs stand up." He is excited to come to church on Sunday and is glad that " the communion cups are separate for everyone" so he doesn't get sick. :) He is in his 60's or 70's and an Australian. There are people prepared for the gospel!

Every Sunday I ask one of the YSA guys why he isn't on a mission yet. Every time he thinks of another excuse and I shoot it down. The church really is true! There is no proof against the church as Elder Holland said: "false theories have been born, parroted and died" and they are pathetic. The only concern with less actives is they don't read the Book of Mormon.

Sunday morning I was called and asked to teach Gospel Principles so I waited until Sacrament meeting to figure out what to teach. :) (Mom- because I felt I needed to). (Note to everyone: do as I say-not as I do). As soon as one of the High Council speakers asked: "are we doers of the word, or hearers only" I knew that was my topic.

Elder Willie is a champion beyond champs. It is so fun with him.

Well- I love you all, hope all is well and don't worry or think about me- I'm about my Father's work. :-)

-Elder Hales

P.S. Adam has reaffirmed his desire that this blog be private. You have a couple of days to "register." If you're not already invited, email me at:

Monday, June 7, 2010


Note from Mom:

First of all, it has come to my attention that there needs to be some educating about this blog. It is NOT done by Elder Hales. This blog belongs to me and I am the "editor." I edit Adam's letters and post them for the benefit of our family and a few friends. Adam is a very obedient missionary and would NEVER go online or get on the Internet in any capacity other than to email me. In fact, he is only allowed to email his parents. Not even his brother or sisters. When they want to email him, they have to send it to me first and then I can forward it from my account.
And now this week's letter:

Dear Mom and Dad

TRANSFERS!!!! Tweed Heads will be my first 6 month area outside of the office. Elder Tauiliili was transferred into the Sunshine Coast (north of Brisbane). He probably won't go back into the Chinese program. My new companion is Elder Willie. He is a champion. He is from Kiribati and is short and dark like Elder Tauiliili. :). I have heard nothing but the best about him so I am so excited. I was told I was training, but heaps of missionaries coming in got their visa's delayed. They said about half.

My trainer, Elder Nielsen, goes home tomorrow which is pretty weird. I'm going to miss having him here.

President Richards keeps talking about how when a Prophet dies, commandments don't change and how that applies to us and our new mission president. I am excited to meet him and I know he is the new Prophet of this mission but I sure will miss President Richards.

Things in the area are going so awesome! I really do love this area heaps. Looks like I will be here for Shanti and Cody's baptism!! I am so excited.
Things are going great on my end. There is nothing better than serving the Lord.
I love you mom and dad.
Thanks for being such good parents.
-Elder Hales

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Dear Mom and Pop,

Shanti will be baptized on the 4th of July!!!!!!! She walked up to us at church yesterday and says..."Guess who is getting baptized on the 4th of July!?" She and Josh will be married that morning, go to church, and then be baptized after church. Shanti really wants to be baptized and I had a feeling she wasn't going to last until October.

We also set a baptism date with Cody. He is a champion 14 year old that already knows the Book of Mormon is true. His baptism is on June 26th so keep Shanti and Cody in your prayers. I ask because prayer really does work.

We have 2 baptisms next transfer and this transfer ends in one week.... ARG... but I'll go where he wants me to go... I'll be what he wants me to be and I'll do what he wants me to do.

I went on trade-offs this week with a new missionary. His name is Elder Lester and he is a champion and so funny. We saw a bunch of Aussie blokes having a party (not sober) so we went over to preach to them. They were not keen but they asked us to take a picture of them all so they give Elder Lester and I cameras and Elder Lester says " 1, 2, 3.... America Rocks" and all these pure Australians are smiling for the picture but give out a groaning "UGH". It was pretty funny.

Things are going so well. I love this ward and this area. Our goal is 2 baptisms a transfer and we have had 0 thus far but I knew this area would be hard coming into it. I have really grown to love hard things. That is one thing youth need and will get as they grow is the love to do hard things. Even the prophets tell us that reading the Book of Mormon can be hard at first and wow- it is... but they also promise that as you keep going insights will come, you will understand, and it will change you and I can add my promise to that. People do change- its called repentance. I love this gospel... it just makes so much

Love you all
Love you mom and dad,
-Elder Hales

I am doing my best at working the hardest I can. There are some missionaries in my district that are giving me some gray hair. I started keeping track of Finding Hours as a part of key indicators because I could tell they don't do much finding. It was only around 3 hours for the whole week. They are doing great though- they have a baptism coming up.

Isn't being a missionary awesome? There is no better feeling than when you're about to go to sleep and you're writing in your journal but way too tired and you just collapse because of the hard day!

People say G'day so much. I've got pretty good at it. :)