Monday, July 27, 2009

The best job in the world

HOW GREAT IS MY CALLING! Sometimes when I'm studying I just think about how awesome it is to be a missionary. I love it.
This past week has been so great I can't put it into words. We had zone conference and that was so amazing! Our zone conference theme was Teaching Skills and we have this new thing where we focus on 4 types of questions and they work so well. The first is a Search question. So say, after we read a scripture, we ask a question that causes them to search. The second is Analysis. This question causes them to have deeper thought on it. The 3rd is Application. A question that causes them to apply it. And the 4th is a question that "leads to testimony" so ask them if they have had any experiences with this. I'm really excited to start applying these questions. I know that they will be WAY more effective.
We also had interviews yesterday with President. I always love that. President has such knowledge about the scriptures. Elder Prina asked for advice on getting investigators and less actives to church and he whips out John 7:17.

Our top investigator is still doing great!!! The best part is I can tell she is going through the repentance stage so she seems a little sorrowful. That's one thing our zone leaders addressed. Our first purpose is to help people gain a faith in Jesus Christ.. then Repent.. and THEN Baptism!! Our next lesson we are going to address that sorrow feeling she has and apply the 4 questions heaps of times! I'M SO EXCITED!

Lately more then ever I have gained such a love of the scriptures. They are so amazing and especially as I teach about them and from them I have grown to love them to the point I just love to hold them!! I know that they are true.

O man! Dale Ford is going to be an amazing bishop!! He is the man. I have so much respect for him! He taught the pre-MTC class one time on obedience and it was so good I can still remember it!

It has been FREEZING at nights! O man its cold! But during the day it is starting to warm back up and I sweat a little.

Elder Hales

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