Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Things are so great!

Hey everyone!
Wow- I love my area right now. It is definitely one of the best in the Australia Brisbane mission!
Our Bishop got out of the hospital yesterday. It was a miracle to see him again! He shook our hands but they were in a hurry. We wrote him letters updating him on our work so he thanked us for that and drove off. They are moving and won't live in our complex anymore.
Our 1st councilor in the Bishopric I LOVE too. His name is Bob Carter and he is a temple worker. We saw him this morning at the temple. He is kind of like me. Just very blunt and to the point. I love him!
The 2nd Councilor is Tongan and just the man. We ate at his house this week and we gained some kilos from that meal.
And our Ward clerk is practically our best friend. He is in the YSA and just a funny true Aussie!
Our Ward Mission Leader is amazing!This week we had our lesson with Alana at his house. That was this Monday night. We set the baptism date for August 2nd and Elder Prina and I are SOOO EXCITED! As was Brother Evans, our Ward Mission Leader.
Alana is Aussie and 19 years old. We are hoping her boyfriend will baptize her! He will be serving a mission sometime soon. But it is such an honor to be able to teach her!
I have really gained a love for this area and the people here.
Yesterday one of our Assistants to the President, Elder Olsen, came on trade-offs with Elder Prina and I. It was more of a 3-way for the day. It was so great to have him come because he served in this area about a year ago and had heaps of success here! There are 3 AP's right now so often one of them will go traveling to areas and do training. I know I gained so much from having him come. It was great to have training! He was pretty happy to see his area and some of the members he baptized.
We taught Fiona yesterday too. We watched the Testaments with them and both Fiona and her less active boyfriend, Junior, felt the spirit. Their eyes were sweating but she calls the times she feels the spirit the "wanna have a cry moments." New Zealand people talk like that. Haha I love it.
We gained a couple of new investigators this week and the work seems to be picking up heaps!!! Its amazing! I don't realize how much I'm being blessed!
Thank you all for your prayers! Pray for Alana and August 2 please! We are so excited and that's what missionary work does to people!
The Church Is True!
Love you all
-Elder Hales

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