Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A quick note

Dear Family-
Things sound amazing up there and things are going awesome down here in Australia!! We have been sooo blessed. Things are a little hectic and this week is going to be incredibly busy. I'm starting to doubt we will have time to tract this week! Our days are already booked!
Alana is doing amazing! She is so awesome. She has now had her baptism interview and everything is going amazing.
Tim is the man. His baptism is Sunday at 3:00 since its Stake Conference.
We have one more lesson with Alana and two more with Tim. The spirit is so strong whenever we teach them. We do have the best fellowshippers in the ward. The Evans' and the Bray's are so cool. Just awesome families.
Well, we didn't have much time to write today. We have a lesson with Fiona in a few minutes.
Our ward leaders are so awesome and such a big help. Transfers are coming up this next week and I'm nervous cause I really don't want to leave... but there are 24 new missionaries coming so a lot of areas will have changes.
There are so many blessings from this gospel. I know it's true. I know that. Love you all.
God speed the right.

-Elder Adam Hales


Anonymous said...

I really like this Alana person he talks about so much! Except for the way she spells her name, SHE ROCKS!!! :) Hope Adam stays, but he is being so blessed.

Cheri said...

so, does the non-letter (so far) this week mean he's been transferred?

happy 20th birthday to adam!

Alayna&Mont said...

That's what I was wondering too? And did he have a good birthday?