Friday, August 28, 2009

The Office

How ya goin mate!
Wow- these past weeks have been so crammed. Missionaries getting sent home, missionaries coming back out after health reasons, two zone conferences... Basically I'm in charge of everything from mail to booking flights to making orders and sending info to Salt Lake. It's been really hard to not hate being in the office. Really hard. Trying my hardest to be faithful.
Australia is awesome. Its starting to warm up so we use our AirCon at night. I have not had any native companions yet. Just Elder Nielsen, Tietjen, Prina and now Hoskins and Hurst.
I have been working out. Our flat is right next to the Assistants so we are always together and we play rugby in the mornings and every Saturday morning we play basketball with a lot of missionaries and President Richards. That was fun to see President Richards trying to step us. (juke)
We do have one baptismal date right now. His name is Marshall and he is such a good guy. Comes to church every Sunday. His baptism is in October!!! Um no! I am going to do my best at getting it sooner.
We are also working with a great part member family... the Hansens. The wife is not a member but comes to church every week and seems to like it!!
I'm giving a talk in church tomorrow. I'll be speaking on John 11:25-26 which is one of my most favorite stories of Christ's life.
We have THE MAN ward missionary leader. So bold and to the point. We make phone calls in our coordination meetings to "get it done RIGHT NOW."
I do love this ward and love learning from the Assistants.
Things have been great. Sorry if this email is so scattered. My brain is so full of things I have to do that I'm wiggin out. :)
Love you all.
Read the Book of Mormon.
-Elder Adam Hales

In response to the email:

Yea, I'm feeling fine. President Richards said I probably did have the swine flu but I had some really good, expensive medicine. I'm feeling better now.

Carly: You are an old-graduated College student... Working now! Congrats! :)
Cheri: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! One year older and wiser too... Happy birthday.. to you!
Brother: You're an old family working man! You're the man. I really like your new car.

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