Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad,

Last week time ran out and I wasn't able to finish the letter so sorry about that but WOW!! General Conference was so amazing! I am like you mom, all the music just pierces the soul and tears flow out. My favourite was probably the Priesthood "Hold to the Rod." This week was so full of awesome-ness! We had General Conference and then yesterday we had interviews with President Richards and today we got to go to the temple!

My interview with President Richards was so awesome. I've said before how he just opens up to questions and he really taught me how to be the missionary I want to be. Both President and I walked out of the interview with our eyes sweating. I know that I was called to Australia Brisbane for a reason as much as I know the Church is true. President Richards feels like family! :) President just issued another challenge. His first challenge was to read the Book of Mormon marking in red all the references to Christ. Second was to mark the Doctrine and Principles. The next is to read through all the red you marked for references to Christ and write down those scriptures that refer to the Atonement. Then to go through those notes and to mark off what you can't learn about the atonement from the bible that is in the Book of Mormon.

We have several investigators who want to be baptized but just can't do what they need to. ______, who was going to be baptized this Saturday postponed because she cannot stop smoking. We are trying to help _____ live the Law of Chastity. And Brianna and Bethany are set to be baptized, but their mother is holding them back. I know that they will come through. We need your faith and prayers as well.

Elder Richins got a new companion! So we are not in a 3-way anymore. He was a great example to me and I learned a lot from him. His companion just came down from Cairns in an emergency transfer because he did not lock his heart. That drives me nuts. Crazy enough- our district leader just got transferred into the office! Elder Tokaduadua. He is from New Zealand and is in my intake. It looks like he will be the last office elder before the senior couple comes.

I love the Tweed Heads Ward. I love my companion. I am so blessed. Thank you for your prayers.

I love you mom and dad!

-Dad- do you meet with the Zone leaders of the missionaries serving in the stake?
I'll reply to all other family next week and send pictures.
Love you so much.
Being a missionary is Awesome!!!!!
-Elder Hales

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