Thursday, January 8, 2009

First email

Dear Family,

Well I had to set up my whole email account so I only have 20 min. to type so I'll hurry because this is AWESOME!!!! The MTC is Crazy!!!!! I love it sooo much!!! They just feed me the Gospel NON-Stop!!!!

I had a headache the day I went into the MTC and didn't get into eating until that next Friday or so... but the food here really is like Elder Winder said! Actually it's not nearly as good as your cooking but it does it! I can't tell if I've gained weight or lost because all we do is sit in our seats and work on Preach my Gospel... And IT IS GREAT!!! My testimony has grown soooo much already!!! I got the first whole lesson down!!! Dad- remember at dinner when we used to try teaching the first lesson!?!! hahaha I would make fun of myself now!!!

Also, its crazy having a companion! A lot different then I thought! But very good... He is very different than me... but I know that that is why the Lord put me with him. We are almost opposites. But that's the thing... the gospel brings us together. We got really good at teaching the first lesson together. We have time called Missionary Directed time and we go to a place where we teach a teacher and they tell us what we can improve on. We are really getting better. I never even realized how AMAZING Preach my Gospel is!!!! I'm realizing its all about Faith in Jesus Christ! And the Atonement!!! Holy molie! I am studying the Atonement because in Preach my Gospel it says, the better you understand the Atonement the more you will love the people you serve and desire their salvation! So basically the MTC is Awesome!!!!

Thank you Soooooooo Much for the converter and the shirts... and the letters!!!! I never realized how awesome mail is for missionaries!!!! It really is so cool to get mail.

I love the cold.... which reminds me -- It snowed here for like a full day!!!! It was awesome!!! (mainly cause i don't have to deal with it... :) But it's pretty cold here.

Mom and Dad- I love you so much and hope everything is well at home!
The Church really is True! And always try to gain Faith in Jesus Christ! Try reading that section in Preach my Gospel under Christlike Attributes - it's AMAZING!

Well I have an amazing district. Pretty much everyone is getting along.
Some new missionaries got here yesterday... and its kinda nice not being the new guys anymore! haha. And now I find myself trying to comfort the new, scared guys like I was.

This week has blown by!! The first day was hard but its just amazing here. My teachers are soooo cool!! I see why Spencer worked here. I'll bet he was an awesome teacher too! I have 5 teachers now... but that's only cause the new year and the teachers schedules are changing around... from now on its Sister Packer and Brother Jenkins. They are cool!
Also, I have gained a testimony of singing hymns too!!! I love it!! It brings the spirit in SOOOO WELL!!! I can't wait to teach a lesson with the spirit to investigators and then sing to them!!

But I gotta go... outta time!
I love you all so much...
God Speed the right!!!!

-Elder Adam Hales!

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