Monday, February 9, 2009

February 9, 2009

NO WAY!! Chandler is here! Send pictures... before next Monday.

Dear Family!
This week has been amazing! I have a lot to write. The Lord is blessing my companion and I so much, as well as our investigators.
First off I wanted to tell you yesterday it was 40 degrees C when we were tracting. I guess that is around 107 degree F. Well, you know how I love the heat (NOT)... that was great! No, it really wasn't bad. It's different when I'm working for the Lord.
I forgot to tell you. The first door I knocked in Australia ... well I didn't get to knock it! The mate yelled " NO THANKS NOT INTERESTED!"
And then it rained all day ... and soaked us that night. I'll be sending some sweet pictures today. Not going to make the mistake of sending the chip anymore. I'm really bummed about that.
So the first week it rained a lot! But it was cloudless yesterday ... and hot. But we are so lucky and we have an A/C in our flat. So lucky.
So as I said before, we live with the zone leaders so I get a lot of inside info on the mission.
This last weekend was stake conf. and Saturday and Sunday it was all about families! Didn't relate to us but there were some good things said. It reminded me of when I was at fathers and sons with dad and we were sleeping in the tent over near Raytheon and I asked dad "How do you get a bad thought out of your head?" and Dad said "replace it with a good one." Genius! I use it to this day. Thanks pops.
Last Thursday we had zone conf. Which was so good! and I got to see a lot of my bro's from the MTC. It was all about teaching for an understanding. Asking questions as focus. It was so good. And then after that I got all my mail. Thanks for the letter mom and dad.
President Richards is so cool! You can tell he works on another playing field! By revelation. He ended with talking about being 100 percent obedient. Excellent!
Then yesterday we had Stewardships so thats why I didn't write yesterday. They moved p-day to today. Stewardships were great. It was great training from the zone leaders while we got pulled for interviews with President Richards. He is so awesome! It's like talking to a friend instead of some scary guy in charge.

Last time I talked about Anthony and Stanley & Danika. Well, it looks like we lost Stanley. But Danika is more strong than ever! It is so great!! This last week we met with her probably 4 times! She is solid! The only problem is she isn't in our area so we are handing her off to other missionaries this week.
It's sad, her parents don't support her and told her they won't go to her baptism. But she knows it's true. This week she looked up a TON of anti- stuff and wrote 4 pages of questions. That was so cool because we covered all of them. We took care of business!
We had to move Anthony's baptism date. He wasn't able to go to church this last Sunday because he had the kids. We have an appointment with him tomorrow and it is trade-offs so I'm taking another one of the greenies with me and I'll be the senior comp! Intense! I know I can do it.
But he has been reading! When we asked him to read Alma 32.. the next day he said he loved Alma 32:26. So I'm really going to hit hard on praying. Unless the Holy Ghost has something else planned.
I love you mom and dad!

God Speed the Right!
Love - Elder Hales


Crist Family said...

Adam, you're already sounding like a well-seasoned missionary...Where did the green weeks go? Let's pray like crazy for Danika and Anthony...that the members will take good care of them as they visit their new wards!

Gary and Michelle said...

We gave the message to Shane and he said he is so excited for Adam. I'm sure it makes him home(mission)-sick.