Sunday, February 1, 2009

Getting comfortable in Aussie Land

Hello from Aussie land! These last 4 days have been amazing! I'll get to that in a second.
Oh, that kills me to know that my pictures from the MTC are erased!!! How do you think it happened? Not to mention my sweet MTC pictures! Luckily I have some pictures from the MTC on another card I have here. But only 2 or 3 pics. But one of them is the one standing in front of the huge map with my companion!
Sounds like everything at home is going well. I'm still getting used to this cool country! All my bug bites have gone away, but I'm not in an area where there are many bugs. Okay I take that back.. not as many bugs as other areas. :)
This ward here is amazing! So big, but so are our areas! I think I said there were 95 percent Polynesian families here... but its more like 99 percent. But I swear I'm losing weight! I hope. (* I told Adam we'd buy him new clothes if he grew UP, not OUT.)
There are only around 55 areas in this mission.. and I'm convinced that I started out with one of the best! It's still hard to understand people, but I'm getting better! Tracting is going great! But I think I love street contacting more!
Anthony: This guy is so cool! He is just a fun loving Australian. He is still planned for the 21st and the mission president said he wants the missionaries to baptize, so Elder Nielsen said I'll be baptizing him!!
Stanley and Danika: This week we made great progress! We had an appointment with them Friday and we were planning on hitting them hard with the Restoration but the Spirit prompted us not to. We ended up resolving conflicts for an hour and a half! She had conflicts with Tithing so we covered that quick and she loved how none of it goes to bishops or prophets. She said she prayed and after she prayed she thought "what if I stop talking to the missionaries?" and she said she had a really sad feeling! So they are doing great! Stanley is very hard to read. The whole time we talk to him he will act like he isn't paying attention and looking off in the distance but we will ask him a question and he will get it right... then he says he really wants to continue talking to us!
I love it! The lord is blessing us so much here in Crestmead! Elder Nielsen has been sick the last 2 and a half days so we have had to slow down with our work... but we should be ready to go hard tomorrow. We are not allowed to knock doors past 6 pm here so we go street contacting if we have time. Since all 4 of us go to dinner appointments, the older missionaries usually have me give the message... but I love it and I love to see them get excited about the gospel and missionary work! In Preach My Gospel it says " Missionaries succeed best when members are the source of investigators" and that is the responsiblility of members.
By the way-- ALWAYS try to have the missionaries share a message.... and then give them referrals, especially if they are hard workers. But they should only be there to get referrals.
Missionary life is amazing! I love not having to worry about anything else. This church is true, and it always has been all the way back from the beginning. I love telling people that!
I love you all.
Love you mom and dad.

God Speed the Right
- Elder Hales

(*P.S. Note from Mom: Is anybody reading this blog?? Please comment!)


Tom said...

Elder Hales sounds like a phenomenal missionary. I am excited to hear he will have his first baptism!

carleejune said...

hey sister hales
it's so great to hear about adam and how well he is doing! I love these blogs! :)
-carlee zimmerman

Crist Family said...

These blogs have been so great for our family! We reserve a part of every Family Home Evening to read about Elder Hales' experiences and enthusiasm. This has been a great way to help our boys prepare for their missions.

Cheri said...

I read every letter a couple times during the week. :)

hales said...

Carlee -- good to hear from you. I think of you every time I hear anything about "Twilight." (thanks for putting up with him and his obsession.) Are you back at school, or still on break?

Gary and Michelle said...

I talked to Shane and he said Adam has the best comp. ever. Sounds like he's right from Adam's letters. I love how positive he is about everything (even the bug bites).

Alyssa said...

Thanks so much for posting these! I LOVE reading them every week! He is doing so amazing, just as expected. Australia will never know what hit them :)