Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22, 2009

Dear Family!

The mango's here are SO good! I love mango! Especially when they put it in Oti. I love fruit here. More than the candy!
It still rains plenty but we just walk through it. We don't use an umbrella or raincoat. So my raincoat will probably sit in the closet. I might try to send it home someday.
Yesterday after Sacrament Meeting we went to the stake center and they set up new boundaries for the wards. Our ward, Marsden- or in Australian language "MAsden," has on average 340 people there. And there are only 2 white families. All Polynesian.
Which reminds me- did you know 50% of member referals get baptized? I love missionary work.
Tracting is hard... but I have faith that it works. May take a couple of months to find that one person or one family... but then will be worth it. It will be worth it in the baptismal font.
That's sweet that Elder Dalton came! And that Dad got to go on rounds with him! I can't believe it was already time for stake conference again! It seems like just last month Dad became the stake pres.
Speaking of revelation. It is such an honor that my father is a Stake President; to receive revelation for a stake. Growing up I always thought dad's prayers were long, :) but I wish I would have realized how powerful they are! Love you dad.
So this week has been really hard. Last Monday, for P-day we went golfing. Elder Dark is going home March 9th. He cries everytime he thinks about it. But he is not trunky at all.
Ugh, there is a woman with a baby crying next to me! They need the Gospel.
Danika- So last I told you we had to pass her on to the Waterford Area. Well- now we teach her again! She didn't really like the change- the other elders didn't feel right about it so they called President Richards and President said that we could keep teaching her. She is 100 percent ready to be baptized. Her ex-boyfriend came back but she kicked him off the doorstep again! And her parents said they didnt want to go to her baptism... now her mom says she will go! And she has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying a lot more! I love the small miracles!
Another cool story- about 4 weeks ago we were walking back from an appointment and people always offer us rides. We get honked at and waved at so much. But this one guy with his girlfriend in his car offered us a ride. Then one week ago he offered us a ride again! And then he says "there is no way this is coincidence," and it ends up he is inactive- and his girlfriend isn't a member. So we set up a time we can go over. So this last Wed. we go over and eat dinner and Elder Dark and I give Rana (his girlfriend) the first lesson. She is golden. She committed herself to read the pamphlet and Book of Mormon before we could! And said she would come to church! Yesterday she was sick- and it sounded legit so I believe that.
Anyway - this is the Lord's work. It is in His hands. Its true!
I love you all! Have a good week!

Elder Adam Hales

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Gary and Michelle said...

I am finding his letters a joy to read. I loved the comment about the lady with the screaming kid. He's not his mothers son, is he?