Monday, May 25, 2009


Yes, I was transferred! On Friday I got a call from the AP's and they told me I was being transferred. Not going to lie- I'm pretty cut up. I'm really sad!! I have so much to tell it's cramming my brain. I'll start with where I am now. Right now I'm in the same library I wrote emails from as when I was being trained. My new area is Waterford. I am follow- up training Elder Prina. But I'm not sure if I have anything to do! He is awesome. He has been out 6 weeks. Nerdy guy so it should be great! Waterford bumps up to Crestmead- my first area, so it's kinda weird to be back here. Really weird. I'm senior companion and that is weird too. Full-time driver and once again- whitewashed into an area. Pressure is on.

Our District Leader, Elder Tuhoro found out he was going south with me. On Sunday morning at 4:00 we went to the airport and got to Brisbane by 7. So we basically worked and cruised around Brisbane the next 2 days. I've never felt so pointless in my life. I don't like not having an area. All day yesterday Elder Tuhoro (my companion for 2 days) had to clean some flat and got lost around Brisbane. Ugh.

Today is P-day. We had transfer meeting this morning and that was my first Transfer meeting. It was like Christmas! Found out I'm in Logan again so those 10 pounds I lost in Cairns will probably come back! ha :(

My last day in Cairns I got a picture with Orietta and bore my testimony to her and I've only felt the spirit that strong a few times. It was wonderful. I will miss her.
I'll definitely miss Elder Tietjen. He is the Man. Really awesome companion and good friend.
The diggery do is really hard to play. I can do it but it takes 30 seconds to warm up. You play it by blowing out and let your lips bump together. Hard to explain. But I can't believe it got there so quick! Wow.
Okay no time left.

Love you all! Wish you well.
God Speed the Right.
-Elder Adam Hales

Don't forget to tell everyone to write to the Brisbane address again!!

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