Saturday, September 12, 2009

From the Mission Secretary

I have been reading a lot of conference talks- especially ones from President Monson. He is SO a prophet of God! Anyway, it has really created a desire in my heart to be better. To sacrifice more. No matter how hard I work I can always be a little more like our Savior.
It was great to see that picture of all of you. All of you are tan. Dad looks buff, Michael- I like your tie. Chandler is a little stud muffin.

It is not permitted to check our emails at the office. Apparently they did in the past and President rebuked them. In a nice way 'cause President Richards is so great. We have had to do our emails at an internet cafe these last two weeks that charges 2 dollars for 20 min.

Before I forget, as soon as BYU won Oklahoma I knew about it. :) I'm not apostate! There are 3 families in our ward that are American and are total BYU fans, so last Sunday I walk into our dinner appointment and a brother in our ward offered me the information.
I just got back from the Australia Zoo. This zoo is Steve Erwin's zoo.

This past week has been great. Our office is being re-done so its been hectic but just so great to be in this ward. This is the ward that President Richards goes to if he doesn't have to go somewhere else, so 2 weeks ago he was there for my talk. I was so nervous but the Lord helped me so much. I really love speaking in church now. Really!

Well, we only get to work half the day, but the Lord blesses us as if we had worked the full day. Last week we had 6 new investigators and we committed all of them to baptism on the first lesson and they said yes. They will be coming to church tomorrow!!! We have perfect fellowship lined up too!!! The Lord completely placed them in our path.
Our progressing investigator, Marshall, is still doing fantastic. His baptism is the 4th of October and he is solid. His friend is coming up that week so that's why its so far away. We found him when he walked into church one Sunday and said he wants to go to church. We said "Okay". :-) He is basically friends with everyone in the ward. I love this guy so much. We had one lesson with him this week. We watched Finding Faith in Christ and then committed him to keep the Sabbath Day holy. He looks so much like a member already!!! White shirt, tie, even a vest some weeks.
I love you family. Time is flying and it makes me sad. I don't want to go home. Ever. :-) I love serving the Lord. Being a tool in his hands is the best feeling ever. It's as if I get a glimpse of eternal life.
I love this work so much. It's the best ever.
The church is true. Jesus is the Christ.
Love you all!
-Elder Adam Hales

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