Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm a missionary! How cool is that!?!

Well to start off, things are still just as hectic. I really miss getting out and sweating. The office has been fun and we had our interview with President this week. He tells me he loves me everytime and I love him too. He is such an inspired man.
But wow- that's cool that Cheryl Yee's relative is one of our greenies. Last week we had the honor to take them to the temple after we gave them orientation and also take them street contacting. Sister Karren was awesome at talking to everyone. She is going to be a good missionary. She is now with her trainers --Sister Gamino and Sister Leauauna. ( I know every missionary in the mission and where they are serving now.)
Haven't got any letters yet but I did get the BYU shirt!! Thank you so much!!!
Our investigator Marshall is still solid as a rock! We had a lesson this week at our fellowship's home and it went awesome so Satan did his best afterwards. Our fellowship is the Curtis family. They are Yankies and went to BYU. Brother Curtis works at Boeing here. He is awesome. He just asks Marshall.. "So how is your Book of Mormon reading going?" and then finds out his understanding... which is really good! Anyway we leave the lesson and talk to Marshall outside for a minute and say bye and turn around and a car is driving down the street. With a guy hanging out of it with a raised hand and he just throws an egg at us so fast!!! It hit Elder Hoskins in the arm and left a welt. (don't worry mom) I got angry for a split second and then we had a great laugh and talked about how we love being disciples of Jesus Christ. It wasn't easy for him so it won't be easy for us. I know that Jesus Christ appeared in the Americas. I know that he loves all of us and that we can be saved through him. An insight I had this week was the fact that everytime we sin, we "lose the big picture" and are so focused on the here and now. If everytime someone threw an egg at me I remembered my badge... I wouldn't have gotten angry for those two minutes. So that's my testimony -- that we can always have the Spirit with us and remember the big picture.
I love you all. Thank you Mont and Alayna for the card. It meant a lot and the card was pretty funny too!
God Speed the right.
Elder Adam Hales

Carly!!!! How is the job? Working and all.
Love you Cheri and Spencer- Hope things are going well. I'm sure they are and pretty hot in Northern California. We have a missionary coming from San Jose soon.
Brother: You're a lawyer! I'm a missionary! How cool is this!?! Big lawyer with his new SUV and cool kids. You're the Man brother. I love you- you have always been a great example to me. That helped me a lot growing up.

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