Saturday, November 14, 2009


G'day! Today we went to the most Eastern part of Australia. It's called Byron Bay. That was fun.
Things are going well. I have really grown to love serving in the office. I never gave the office elders enough credit because I am always swamped. My companion, Elder Mooney, was driving this morning and started to really get extreme drowsiness. That was put in good words. We switched drivers. :) I'll be okay mom.

Not a lot went on this week. Transfers were so hectic that we forgot about one of our lessons with a recent convert. His name is Ian and he is probably in his 60's. He has more life stories than I could imagine. He is completely converted to the gospel and he is going to do baptisms in the temple today. We were excited to hear that. But what I love the most about Ian is his love for the Book of Mormon. Lately we have heard a lot about how important the Book of Mormon is. I read Elder Holland's talk again from Conference. A lot of people have said how they didn't learn anything but were blown away from his testimony. But I learned so much. The spirit is what teaches and the way he gave his talk, the Spirit had so much to feed off of and allow us to hear what we needed to hear. Oh man, he is a good teacher!! Sometimes we need to be more bold. I still fear I might offend. There is a balance I look for.

Orientation for the new missionaries is always fun. The Elders from the Provo MTC are always so funny. There is an Elder from Idaho Falls that came in. He knows a few of my friends from BYU I. His name is Elder Schwideiman.

I love that you are reading in the end of Alma! There really is so much to learn from the war chapters! Sometimes at dinner appointments we share a message where everyone is given the opportunity to share their favourite prophet from the Book of Mormon and why. I have a few but I love Captain Moroni because he prepared spiritually before physically for war. I love that 'cause that's what I do everyday. We have our study in the morning- and then we go out there and "Get them!"

Thank you for your prayers and everything you do for me. I love you all and pray for you.
God Speed the Right
Elder Hales

PS- To those who read my blog- sorry if I have not found time to write. It really has been hard to find time in the office.

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