Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mangoes vs. turkey


This week has been great. We have been continually blessed so much. But as always, we have had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. There was one huge big low this week. The man I talked about last week . . . two days ago we got all the reading material including the Book of Mormon in the mail from him. There was no note or return address but we know it was him. That really just crushed us. He told us he had felt the Holy Ghost and asked us what he needs to do to get ready for his baptism but now he won't pick up his home phone. We have the feeling he got into some anti stuff. That just hits a missionary where it hurts. But I know the Lord will look out for him and he'll accept the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We did have an amazing lesson with another one of our investigators. Her name is Leslie and her husband is a member, so the situation is gold. The office elders had been teaching her even before I was here so Elder Mooney and I are really ready for her to get moving. We had a lesson with her on Wed. night and watched "On the Way Home" which is very old-fashioned but exactly what she needs. After the video we testified of the gospel and eternal families and her husband bore such a powerful testimony. He talked about one of his mission stories and then told his wife he wants to stand in the font, dressed in white to baptize her. She expressed that she doesn't feel that she has got an answer and that she really wants to know for sure that it's true before she does anything. She loves church and reads the Book of Mormon so her answer will come.

Thanksgiving was fun. We had correlation meeting so before we jetted off to that, we had some mango's.

It's been a short week but things have gone well. Elder Hoskins went with his companion up to Emerald. Emerald is pure outback and very hot so they said they are sweating 24/7.

The work continues to progress. Things are going amazing here in Australia. The Church is lead by Christ.
I love you all.
-Elder Hales

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