Friday, November 6, 2009

"We're going to the mountains!"

Dear Family:
We had such a treat this week! Elder Nielson of the 1st quorum of the Seventy (and in the Area presidency), came and did a mission tour. Basically what happened is we had 2 Zone conferences this transfer and we won't have any next time. But being lucky enough to go to both zone conferences in the Brisbane area- I had an epic experience.
On Monday I get a call in the office and I hear, "Hello Elder Hales, this is Elder Nielson of the Quorum of the Seventy." That was cool. He ended up having a meeting with the office staff later which was awesome. But on the phone he proceeded to ask if anyone was picking him up from the airport. Got me nervous for a second but remembered President Richards was picking him up. He then asked me how to dial phone numbers in Australia. :)

Zone conference was phenomenal. Honestly- President Richards was extremely good. Sister Nielson gave an incredible talk on Companionship Unity. But it applies to everyone because we all need unity for the work to progress quicker. In our quorums, presidencies and even our families. She talked about how as companions "we are on the same team." That we should never criticize our companion and not try to change them. Then she talked about the song "Homeward Bound" by the Motab. (Got that CD from another missionary). How they use a pennywhistle and how it adds such a spirit to the song. She said how we all have our own pennywhistles -- that we all do good things. To be honest- that talk really helped me.

Elder Nielson talked about a lot of things. Seemed very scattered but I guess there was a lot of different things he wanted to cover with our mission. He talked about the revelatory process that is outlined in 1 Nephi 11-14. That was way good. And at the end of the meeting he opened it up for questions. It was funny. He said " If you're going to ask me where the sword of Laban is, I'll say I don't know. And if you're going to try to stump the Seventy... you win!"

The rest of the week has been good. We have been preparing for transfers so I've been stressing about getting things done. It's pretty weird knowing transfers before it happens. It's kind of like finding out there is no Santa.
It's the Lords work. I'm glad we are on his team.
I love you all.
God Speed
-Elder Adam Hales

P.S. What is really weird is calling the MTC in Provo. We have to call to see how many greenies there are so we know how many trainers we need. Hearing Americans talk is really different.

One thing Elder Nielson of the Seventy taught us is in the hymn, "Ye Elders of Israel" is that we bid farewell to Babylon, or the world, and Go to the Mountains. Or as referred to in the scriptures, the temple. He told us that is what we do as missionaries. We are on the same team!

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