Saturday, December 12, 2009

The meaning of "GQ-ing"

Dear family,
Things are going great here. Today we took the Executive Secretary, Elder Brown, with us on our P-Day. He is an 80 yr old pure Aussie so he knew a lot of cool things for us to see. Anyway he loves talking to us and telling stories so we knew he had an awesome time out with us too.

GQing is street contacting. We look for the Golden Question when talking to people. I guess missionaries in Australia have been doing it for ages.

Elder Winder is such a powerful missionary! We have such an awesome family.

Well, things have seemed to be tough again. A recent convert that we have been working with and teaching has fallen. Elder Mooney and I got to Coordination meeting on Thursday night and our Ward Mission Leader asked us to go give him a blessing because he was going into the hospital the next day. We have been working with him at least once a week since I have been in this area. His health isn't very good. When we got to his apartment he was half asleep. He let us in and we found him drunk and he had been smoking. He knows it's true 100 percent but he fell. He had a glass of alcohol on the table but he was so embarrassed and lied saying that it was juice. We didn't confront him about it because it wasn't the time. It was interesting because in the blessing I felt inspired to tell him to rely and trust on his Priesthood leaders. He may not be able to remember that but I have faith. I know that he will make it. He is such a good guy. He is in his 60's but has the health of an 80 year old and acts like a teenager. We will never give up on him because I know the Lord never would.

The AP's have a baptism tonight for a lady from Papau New Guinea. She is filled with the spirit. Elder Olsen will be baptizing her which is exciting because he goes home in a week. Poor guy. But us four missionaries are doing a musical item. (* "item." ha ha)

By the way, do you remember Alana and Dalin Leneham? She was baptized in Waterford after I left. I found out they are married and now expecting a baby!

I have been so blessed here. I know that this is the most important work and I LOVE it. No where else I would rather be. Thank you for the example you are mom and dad.
Love you all.
God Speed the Right
-Elder Hales

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Shelly and Scott said...

What a nice letter home. Keep up the great work Elder Hales! We are praying for all the missionaries out there. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas too.