Friday, December 4, 2009

Missionary moments and GO COUGARS!

Dear Mum and Dad:
My companion is a very big Ute fan. Ugh. (*we had told him about the game.) There is this young man in our ward who went to BYU for EFY and loved it so now his dream is to go to BYU and of course he gets texts from friends there. Anyway, all through church he comes up to me and says "BYU is up!"

I LOVED your letter this week. The missionary moment and Dad's getting to speak to the missionaries are such good news!!! :) Elder Nielsen of the Seventy said that he was about to give a talk one time at a Stake Conference and Elder Ballard asked to see his notes. Then he took his notes, put them in his briefcase and told him to speak on something he has NEVER talked on before. There are so many important aspects of missionary work to speak on but every missionary will be strengthened and edified by your testimony and that is always the best part.
Your missionary moment got me soooo excited! That is exactly what we ask members to look for. This man from South Central will feel the spirit in your home. Watch a few Christmas DVD's and pray for which one you feel you should give him. One of my favourites is Joy to the World. It teaches about Christmas and the Restoration. The missionaries probably have some extra. I probably have about a thousand in the office. We are having a campaign going on right now. Are there commercials going on in the USA? Our mission usually has about 40 baptisms because of referrals from the commercials.

I can't believe how fast time flies, especially in the office. I have been here for 3 transfers! Which is the longest I have been in an area! The ward here is great, my companion is a stud, and things are just awesome here. Things are getting pretty hectic now that it's almost transfer time again. What I do in the office is probably like Dad explaining what he does at work. My average day consists of picking up mail, booking flights and buses, small tasks, coordinating incoming and outgoing missionaries, ordering missionary supplies and answering the phone. Then we go out and work!!

The Assistants have the majority of the dinner appointments so we usually only have two a week. We both have a few families we work with.

Thank you so much for the packages! I got both in one day and my companion liked his stocking. They are hanging up in the office right now. :-) EVERYONE likes the EFY cd you sent! Thank you so much. I am excited to open the gifts.

Last Zone conference, President Richards talked about washing dishes and how he grew to love it. Not because he loves washing dishes but because he loves his wife and that he washes the dishes for her. He told us that we can grow to love things we don't like. I have grown to love tracting and GQing because I love God. We follow what He commands us because we love him.

This work is true, this work is real, this work is the Lord's.
If we pray for missionary opportunities they DO drop out of the sky. Our goal is to help others come unto Christ.
Love you mom and dad
-Elder Hales


carlee june said...

hey sister hales!
it's carlee zimmerman.
i wanted to send adam a package for xmas but not sure what he wants or needs. what is his fave snacks, cfolors, anything. let me know. my email is if that is easiest! thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I know that he likes butterfingers and reeses, if that helps you any :)