Friday, December 18, 2009

Short and sweet

When our office was getting remodeled.

Dear Family,
Thank you mom and dad for the card and money. Lifesaver.

Things are going great. We had interviews with President this week. I love that the most. President Richards is so loving and although there are so many missionaries, he cares about every single one. He really has been focusing on us making ourselves better so that we can be guided by the spirit to help others and the success is amazing. We have had more baptisms this year than any other year before.

This week we also found out about all of the transfers. I will be training a missionary to take my spot. And one of our AP's, Elder Olsen, is going home. He is the man. He has been in the office the whole time I have so it will be sad to see him go.
I really have no idea when I'll call. President wants us to use members' phones 'cause it costs us too much and an American family in our ward gets free calls to America. I'll probably get permission to email to let you know when I'll call.

We only have 2-3 weeks to finish our Book of Mormon reading. It's amazing to look back on the pages I have read and see all the red that I have colored. There are some pages that are almost completely red. Thanks for everything. I'll talk to ya soon.
Love you all.
-Elder Adam Hales

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