Sunday, May 2, 2010

Short and sweet (again)

Dear Family:

BYUI President is an amazing speaker. I can't remember anything he spoke on when I was there... but I remember thinking it was so good. (*The pres. of BYU-Idaho spoke in Sacrament Mtg. in Cheri's ward last week in Fremont, CA and I wrote to tell him about it. It was awesome.)

P-day is always changing. Sometimes it's because of holidays so we can work on those holidays and sometimes because of Temple Day. Count on it being Monday anyway. (*It's like we never hear from him on a consistent day, so I asked.)

This week was really good. That was an understatement. THIS WEEK WAS SO FULL OF MIRACLES, IT WAS AMAZING!!! We had 4 investigators at church on Sunday. One of them is Kyran -- he is 11 years old. He doesn't like to come to church because he is so sick of Primary so yesterday I grabbed him, got one of his friends out of Primary and shoved them into Young Men's and he loved it.

Don't have time to say more. PLEASE FORGIVE ME.
Love you all
-Elder Hales

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