Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A busy week (as usual)

Dear Mom and Dad,
Learning to Love Learning. There was an awesome talk on that by Elder Bednar in an Ensign not too long ago. I learned a lot from that. That is one thing I know I have sky-rocketed in- is wanting to learn. (*I told him about a RS function we had with that theme, based on Elder Bednar's talk.)
This week has been awesome. It always is. We had interviews with President Richards yesterday and Temple Day today. It's just two days of heaven. That was my last interview with President Richards which is sad. I am really trying to keep that attitude that I was also called to serve under President Langland just as much as President Richards.

I had trade-offs all day (after the interview) with an awesome missionary named Elder Schwendiman. He is from Idaho Falls and knows a few of the same people I do from BYUI. He is a fantastic missionary and completely "Worthy of and expecting Miracles." We go on trade-offs after interviews because he serves in Lismore which is a ways away and since he came up for interviews- that is one of the only times I can trade-off with them. We found one new investigator named Peter. He has so many copies of the Bible and even took a picture of every page because his eyesight is bad. He can zoom in on his computer and read it better. We have another appointment with him this week so we are excited and I'll tell you more later. Prepared for sure though.

The Work is progressing and going very well. I have to run but I love you all and hope things are going well.
God Speed the Right,
-Elder Hales

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