Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Family letters


Pass along cards? Hales and Wirthlin's roll better than that... give her a Book of Mormon!!!! (hospital lady) (*a nurse that has noticed "something different" about our daughter and her family)

Haha - Elder Mitchell is such a crack-up. He has sent me letters over the last year and he is a champion. (*his best childhood friend; coming home from his mission next month!)

Birthday requests? Um- no toothbrushes or toothpaste... got heaps of that but if you want to send floss... its expensive here. :)

WOW!!! This week is awesome!!!! Shanti's baptism was probably one of the best I've ever been to. Josh, her husband now, has such a huge family so it was very crowded. The fellowship we used -- the Hall's -- have been awesome. We couldn't get warm water for the font so we had a Titanic replay, but Sister Hall was asked to bear her testimony and she thanked the missionaries for bringing the spirit in her home from the visits. That meant a lot to me.

We had the Temple this morning. Wow, I had a good experience today and now we're off to teach my dream investigator!!! A complete surfer, Aussie bloke. I have had a dream of baptizing one since I got in the area. Pray for us
Gotta go. Sorry this is short.
The Work is hard... but its SOO GOOD!
-Elder Hales

Brotherhood: (*that means his brother Michael)

I tell some of the dead-set surfers in our ward that you got married and were taken away from the waves and surf. They make fun of me and say that's going to happen to me too. Of course I say "no way" but when you tell me about your awesome family, it just makes me think...who is the one missing out? Home isn't where the waves are... it's where the Lord is.
Well, thanks for that email. Sounds like things are going awesome. Good luck with work.
Love ya
-Elder Hales

Wirthlins: (*expecting a baby boy next week!)
Ammon, Ezra, Helaman, or Ephriam. Awesome names. July 15th that's so soon!!!! That's awesome. Hope all is well and I keep you in my prayers.
Get Spencer on teaching that nurse the restored truth.
I would love that temperature. It is sooo cold here. I freeze every night.
-Elder Hales

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