Sunday, June 27, 2010

O that I were an angel . . . .

Dear family,
I seriously feel like Ammon of old and how he kept passing out because of joy in his brothers in the Gospel. I love how his brother rebukes him for sounding prideful but Ammon continues on saying how much he is nothing and he rejoices in the strength of the Lord. How much has our family been blessed by the Lord? I'm actually shaking right now... whether because its sooo cold or because I am so excited to write about the blessings we have, I don't know. Carly going through the temple is such exciting news. Everyone in the family is endowed!!!

Thanks for asking about BYU-Idaho. Speaking of which . . .I'm so sorry about the way I was before the mission. There are a couple of young men here that are making their parents get gray hair and I can feel a portion of what it's like when investigators don't keep commitments. Sorry for even the tiny things like quitting piano! (* that's "tiny"???) ha ha

This week has been fantastic. The work is so amazing. The more Member Present Lessons- the more success... the more blessings... the more joy. If I have any advice for families... it would be to have the missionaries teach in your home. The blessings are so great- especially with children seeing what is going on. My companion is such a champion. We just got about 8-10 Ward Missionaries called so I am so excited. This work is amazing... there is nothing better. My favourite hymn is "Hark! All Ye Nations!" Searching in darkness, nations have wept and we are so blessed to be the ones chosen by God to serve him below. The more I listen to it the more I realize I will never be released from the calling.

The Work is true. Sounds like things are excellent at home but there is no other errand I would rather be on.
Love you family!
-Elder Hales

Haha - thank you for the Honduran drinks. When I opened one up I put it to my nose for a smell and it smelled good...and I could tell it was made in Central America. They taste awesome.

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