Sunday, September 26, 2010

Family Mission Plan

Dear Mom and Dad:

This week has been awesome. I seriously love my companion and this ward. Elder Walston and I have never even had a disagreement. To say we are ready for miracles is an understatement... we are starving for miracles. This week I had trade-offs with Elder Richards...the one you mentioned is related to the RM I taught how to surf. (*Bob and Joyce Ball's grandson.) During that trade-off we made a visit to our bishop and discussed how we can get missionary work exploding in the ward. It went so great; the spirit whispered ideas into our heads. I asked him what else we could improve and he told us straight away, to ask referrals whenever we are in a members home. So I asked him straightway and he told us to go visit a less- active lady. When we got there we found that she just had surgery for cancer so we were able to give her a blessing. Then yesterday, Sunday, Bishop Rea asked us to to speak in Relief Society on making a "Family Mission Plan" so that was scary. But it went well and I hope the women will be able to push their husbands into making a Family Mission Plan. It's basically a set of goals that the family can do to help missionary work.

Mom and Dad, will you make a "Family Mission Plan" if you have not done so already? I will follow up with you next week. (this also applies to anyone who reads this)
This week was pretty hard. We had no investigators at church. That's always the worst because I always want members to see that we are having success and get them excited. I was wondering last night if temptation and hard times will ever stop... just for a little bit. I then realized it won't. That the Lord wants me to prove to myself that I will stand for him at all times, in all things and in all places. I then started to pout but quickly realized that was murmuring and called myself to repentance. That is one thing that other missionaries have asked me -- what I have learned. It is this: I love hard times that make me want to cry. I love them so much.

I love you mom and dad!
-Elder Ammon Hales
(dwell among these people forever)

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