Sunday, September 12, 2010

In Our Humble Way

Dear Mom and Dad,
It's wonderful to stay in an area extra long. I knew the Tweed Heads ward like the back of my hand and it was great. The only problem is that missionaries get "too comfortable" in an area and that is why I think it is good to transfer them more often. I talked to Elder Willie in Tweed Heads. He said that there are three baptisms coming up. About time.

This week has blown by. We have been so busy that we only got to tract about 2 hours total this week. We try to have two hours a day. I really love this area. Last week I mentioned how the Lord just took away my pride and wow- it hurt, but now I am full of joy. The work is progressing. I seem to be specializing in reactivating. This ward is following Elder Perry's commandment to do the 15 names program and I am fully confident that any ward that will do it, will see miracles.

This week we had a mission tour with Elder Tad R. Callister. He is the Area President. He wrote the book The Infinite Atonement and I found out that it took him 18 years to write. Isn't that awesome? Science will change over 18 years, people will change over 18 years, but the Gospel is the same yesterday, today and forever. But he came and taught us A LOT. This was the second time I've heard him on my mission. He echoed a few things including how to become a consecrated missionary. This would apply to everyone, but he said to become a consecrated missionary we must lay everything on the alter. Our time, our desires and our will. We must change our nature... not just behavior. We learn how to change our nature in Mosiah chapter 3.

He also taught us the Plan of Salvation. I learned so much when he taught it to us. He turned to Acts 17 where it says we are offspring of our Father in Heaven and NOT a creation. Offspring has the opportunity to become like him. Creation doesn't. He taught us that God has a fullness of joy and that is what our purpose is, to have joy, become like him, and that is why its called the Plan of Happiness.

We also took one of our investigators to a fireside that Elder Callister had for all non-members and less-actives last night. His talk was on Joseph Smith and very good.
Last week on p-day we were walking through downtown Laidley looking for a place to get a football or basketball. (By the way, you can't in this small city) So we walked into a hardware store and asked a worker if they had any sports balls and she gave me a huge weird look as she said "are you from around here?" :) Somehow we walked out with a free soccerball.

Thanks for everything and for your prayers. I am seeing so many miracles... including ones in me. That is why my mission means the world to me. I love being a missionary. We are not the ordinary, fearlessly extra-ordinary.
Love you brothers and sisters.
Love you mom and dad.
-Elder Hales

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Cheri said...

haha, i love that he just quoted Saturday's Warrior.