Sunday, March 1, 2009


Oye! How ya goin? I'm doin right myself eh. Just teachin some blokes.
Translation: Hey! How are you? I'm doing good. Just teaching some guys.
O my gosh! All of you are not going to believe where I am emailing you from and who my companion is. Let's just say I got transferred! I guess I'm done being trained!
Well, last 2 days I had a 30 hour bus drive!!! O gosh I'm in the most sought- after area in the mission. The coolest place ever! I'm in Cairns!!! Serving with my MTC companion Elder Tietjen! My area is huge!
Here is my address!
2/64 Dalton Rd.
QLD, 4870
(note to everyone- send things to this address. I won't get your letters for about 6 weeks at a time if sent to Brisbane mission address.)
Dang I have so much to say! So tomorrow is transfers... but they ship us up early so we can get going quick! So last Friday I got a call from the Assistants and they were singing the song "My Girl" but changed the lyrics saying "Transfers" instead. And you only get called that early if you're going up north. The north is a zone. There are 8 zones. So on Saturday at noon I left on the Greyhound bus. That was way too long. I'm going to miss Elder Nielsen! He and I were a lot alike so there was no companionship inventory to really take care of. :) It's a bummer I don't get to see Danika get baptized in 2 weeks but Elder Nielsen said he would send the picture.
So I'm in the best area of the mission, a worldwide famous vacation spot, best scuba diving ever... bummer... but I am in a 4-way-flat again. It's pretty nice but there are cockroaches everywhere. :) fun fun. A District leader of the northern zone is in our flat...and they cover the northern area of Cairns and Elder Tietjen and I are whitewashed into the southern area. Whitewashed again... but I'm excited because Elder Tietjen and I are super excited to work super hard.
I loved the emails this week! And I got the pictures of Chan-man! He is such a stud muffin! He is going to be an awesome surfer and missionary! And cool letters with dad's name on the front, eh! And mom- Elder Nielsen asked if you were my sister. No joke. (*I could have edited this out, but nah -- I'll leave it in.) :-)
Tell Elder Winder I say what's up and that I loved that letter! Those are some really good ideas!
And this new place we send emails is nice. On the bus...I got to see ALL of Australia! So that is cool!
Today's Pday will be fun. Just clean our new flat since it looks like it has never been cleaned. And catch up on sleep. Last week we went lawn bowling. Boring, but had to experience it at least once.

Love you all so much and miss you!

God speed!
Elder Hales


Alyssa said...

What an awesome missionary! I just wanted to clarify: if we write to the new address he will get it before 6 weeks? right?

hales said...

Yes -- he'll get it sooner, so use the new address.

Gary and Michelle said...

Scuba diving? Are you guys already saving to go pick him up?