Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Candy Man

G'Day Mate!
Well, sorry for sending that email last week 15 times. My computer froze and I thought you didn't get it! So I just kept clicking send.
The house is fancy nancy!! It looks nice!
You already got the pictures I sent! That was the fastest mail has got to the USA!! Wow!

Well, this week was amazing! We have been blessed so so so much! Thank you for your prayers! This week just went so well! I'M SO HAPPY!
So Fiona and her boyfriend Junior didn't come play basketball last week but we had a lesson with them Tuesday. AMAZING!! We taught the 10 commandments and played the game Memory with the 10 commandment pictures under pass along cards. We did a quiz afterwards and Fiona remembered ALL 10 OF THEM! Junior said that he is going to church every week! He is so cool. But he is a bouncer at Clubs and all. Gotta get him a new job! So we are going to set a baptism date with Fiona this week!

Another miracle this week is Lance Gunner. We tracted into Lance last week and got a return appointment for this week. He is now an investigator. Lance is paralyzed and cannot talk. He can stand up- with Elder Prina's and my help. He can move his arms but not his fingers very well. When we tracted into him, when we asked him a question, all he did was grunt so he went in and came back with a piece of paper that was laminated with the alphabet on it. So as you can imagine it takes a long time for him to talk to us. But well worth it! He holds a grudge for the man that did that to him and I would too, but he needs the Atonement in his life so bad. Before we taught the Restoration he told us, "I will never stop yous from coming. But if you come on too strong with God I'll kick you guys out ." So we decided to commit him to baptism that lesson! :) He shook his head no. So we taught him about the Priesthood and told him that one of us could perform the baptism and he warmed up to it. But he is an awesome guy. He actually is way stronger than me. We arm wrestled and he beat me bad. Then he goes on to show us his arm wrestling medals. He has about 5. Then every time we shake his hand he challenges us to squeeze his hand as hard as we can. He always destroys us.
Well this transfer went way too fast. Only one week left. I hope neither of us get transferred. WE have work to do here. And the ward leaders are just too awesome!

I love you all and thank you for your support and prayers. There is no greater work.
God speed the right.
- Elder Hales

O yeah!!! - got the package!!! Thank you so much!!! It was SOOOO good to have American candy. Yum! Love you.
(* Reeses peanut butter cups and Butterfingers was all it took for all those exclamation points.)

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Gary and Michelle said...

I love how positive his letters are each week. Always brightens my day!