Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fall is in the air

G'Day Mate!
Well this library is a mess and it looks like I only have 10 min. to write so I'll fill ya in with as much as I can!
Waterford bumps up on the area I was trained in so it's kinda weird to be back. Waterford is AMAZING! The ward here is so great. They make missionary work #1 or 2 priority and everyone fulfills their callings. I LOVE IT! Even the ward missionaries!
We made a member visit with the Bishop and the spirit was so strong in his home alone! Wow --his conversion story was amazing too!

It is SO COLD HERE!!! Wow -- I thought Cairns was getting cold... Brisbane at night and in the mornings - you need a sweater. It's kinda nice though, not being soaked in sweat at the end of the day.

My companion is Elder Prina. He is from Provo, Utah. He is a funny kid.
That missionary that is new in your ward is an amazing missionary. Give him referrals. :) I'm excited for him!

Well, we only have one investigator here. Kinda different than Cairns where we had 14 investigators at one point ... but our one here is Fiona. Fiona is Kiwi. (From New Zealand) She is in her 20's and has one kid. We met Fiona yesterday and she has amazing fellowship. We actually had the lesson in the fellowship's home. So we spent some time to get to know them and then we just jumped right into things and taught the Word of Wisdom! :) Didnt get a complete Yes to the commitment but she accepted a return appointment to talk about the Stop Smoking Program. We are pretty excited about her. The elders in the area before kept the area book pretty organized so that was nice and they wrote some notes about her that they think she will be baptized. I do too! She said that she got an answer that the Book of Mormon is true so we're pretty well off. Only one investigator but she's good!

Also, Our flat is in an apartment complex and about half of our ward lives in it! Not even joking! Our bishop lives right across the hall! And a ton of others. Fiona's fellowship lives in our complex so we had the lesson about 5 doors down yesterday. Its pretty cool.

It was Temple day today!!!! I got to go after about 4 months of not being able to go! It was great to do that this morning!

God Speed!
Love you all
Elder Hales

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