Monday, June 8, 2009

Life is beautiful

Vegemite is disgusting. But yes, I had some once upon a greenie.

Elder Justin Hodgkinson is sitting one computer to the left of me right now. He is our Zone Leader and he is the man.

Okay, so many things have been rushing through my head now and I forgot to tell you so much! I'll start with Cairns --
Up in Cairns we were teaching a family. The mother was Idoby. I think I mentioned her in an email before. Anyway, we had taught her a few days before I got transferred and she asked, "When can I be baptized?" so we said, "Would you like to set a date?" and she said " I was thinking Sunday" which was 2 days away. I love being a missionary. So she should be baptized in a few days.
Well, after I flew down we were driving with the AP's and they said "Did you know Elder Holland is coming on Wednesday?" So we were just casual as we said, "WHAT!!"
It was the day after transfers and we drove up to the chapel right next to the temple and I got to listen to Elder Jeffery Holland for the second time on my mission! It was amazing. Before he spoke he allowed all the missionaries to walk up row by row and shake his hand. That was amazing. I bear witness that Jeffery Holland is an Apostle of Jesus Christ. I shook his hand and he asked, "Elder- where you from?" so I said "Los Angeles." Then later in his talk he said " You know I interviewed you as I shook your hand. You know we do that, right?" That was cool. He then told President Richards he has a good mission. He did say there were a few that struggle but that we are a good mission. That was a bummer. If every missionary were obedient and converted we would be ON FIRE! But he went on to give an amazing talk. He didn't stay at the pulpit but walked around as he spoke and it was amazing! You could tell he completely went by the spirit! He started out by saying "Well, I'll start with this and see where the Spirit leads me."
He went on to express the power of the Book of Mormon and how we need to use it more.

Well things here have been good! Waterford is an amazing area. We have had a lot of success and its been good tracting. He have a few more investigators now. We worked yesterday because it is Queens birthday and everyone would be home and prime proselyting time. We went tracting for around 3 hours and it was great. Our first door we knocked the guy wouldn't stop cussing until we left. Our last door...the last one that we were about to call it a night - but went one more- we found who we were tracting for. Two ladies who have had trials all their lives. There are miracles every day.
Our 2 investigators now are both going to move out of the area.
Fiona came to an amazing fireside we had on Sunday. We had a little stand with pamphlets and Books of Mormon on a table. It was excellent. I think we have 2 or 3 appointments from it. Anyway, Fiona is moving out of her home because of the bad influences there. So she will be baptized, just not in our area.
Our other investigator has an amazing story. She is in her 40's, divorced and working 3 jobs to support her kids. We tracted into her and she said no but we left her a pamphlet with our number on it and told her to call us if she needs help moving. AND SHE DID! She said "I can't believe I'm doing this but you said to call if I need help." So we go help move and get a return appointment for the next day. We go back the next day and teach her the Plan of Salvation with Trials. She felt the spirit and will still allow us to teach her. But she moved so were going to pass her on to the sister missionaries in that area.
Anyway we are being so blessed. Thank you everyone for your prayers. I've got the best job in the world.

Love you all.
God speed the Right.
Elder Hales

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