Sunday, June 21, 2009


Last week I wrote this awesome letter and it was soo long... then I had less than one minute left and sent it and the computer shut down... so I was hoping it sent, but I guess not. Dang.

Well, last week I talked about Zone Conference and interviews. That was great. I loved being able to go to a huge zone conf. again. Even though Cairns was awesome because there were only 5 other people in the room with President Richards- it was awesome to go to one where there are 70 missionaries because the spirit is so strong and we learn so much from each other!
In interviews the first thing President Richards said was, "Do you miss Cairns??" He can read minds. But I really am grateful to be down here with this great opportunity in Waterford.
Also- One of our AP's right now is Elder Lindall and he is from Dana Point. He actually grew up with Dalin McKeon and went to the skate park with him. Elder Lindall runs track for UCLA but tell the Allred's to tell Dalin that Elder Lindall is in this mission. When I was chilling with the AP's and office elders for 2 days I made that connection.

On a miracle note ... I love this .. hope you do too. Our Bishop - Bishop Cassity is the best bishop I've ever met. Such a spiritual man he should be a general authority. Anyway 2 weeks ago he went into the hospital because he was having a hard time breathing. He had an infection in his kidneys that spread to his liver and then he had 2 heart attacks. The doctors gave him 10 hours to live at best. He survived those 10 hours and then kept going. They were certain he was going to die. The ward was fasting and everyone was praying for him and because of everyone's faith, he is still alive and will be released from the hospital in 7 days. His wife, Sister Cassity, got up to speak yesterday and shared this story. While she was talking I felt the spirit so strong I knew that Jesus Christ healed him. It really was a miracle JUST LIKE the miracles he performed when he was on the Earth. And I witnessed it. That was an honor!
Honestly- This week was hard again. We only had about 5 lessons. I feel bad for Elder Prina. I want to get him tons of practice teaching like I had in Cairns.

Let me tell you about this stud muffin, Brother Evans. He is the best Ward Mission leader I've ever met. And we are lucky to have him in our ward. He wants to help out with EVERYthing! He is almost done with Medical Uni (what Aussie's call university) and has a wife and baby girl. Just a perfect happy dude. He is really helpful. Through his help- Elder Prina and I have got a family to come to church 2 times now and are looking to be active. Well- it wasn't us- it was the Lord. But Brother Evans is a super big help.

Well things are great with me. Everything is going perfect because of all of your prayers. Thank you all.
Love you and don't forget to read the scriptures!
God Speed the Right
-Elder Hales

HAPPY FATHERS DAY BY THE WAY POPS. ALMOST FORGOT. It's in a different month here, so happy father's day. Cheers!

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