Saturday, October 31, 2009

When ye are in the service of your fellow beings . . .

Dear Mum and Dad,
G'Day from Australia! Things have been going well! In response to your letter:
Teeth are good, glasses are perfect.
No, we don't do daylight savings.
Transfers are in a week and a half. There could be 4 of us staying here because we are getting a new program for all the work we do in the office so President might keep Elder Hoskins and his future companion who will be opening a new area up north, in the office for a few weeks to help Elder Mooney and I out.

Things are pretty hectic. Seems like things are always falling apart - but look at the work. It progresses and it does so fast! I love it.
One lesson I learned today was service. I'll be honest, today we had an awesome P-Day planned out and last night we get a call from our Elder's Quorum President. He asks us to help out with a new move in today right during the time we would be hiking a mountain off of Surfers Paradise in the Gold Coast. I'll admit- I was devastated! Of course we helped out and it became such a blessing. We got there and the Elders Quorum President was there with 3 other men and they really needed the help of 5 missionaries. The truck was huge and full and a lot of loose items but we got done in a good 2 hours. Helping others is way better than anything for personal reasons. I always felt good doing it back home but dismissed the feeling. I always seem to need to learn these lessons again but I know I'll make it. When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. And how, in any way, could it be bad to serve your God? It always equals happiness.

This week was great. We had our interviews with President and I always love that. And before I forget to mention, President and Sister Richards had just the office elders over for dinner this last week. That was awesome and allowed us to get to know them more. President Richards was in a Stake Presidency for the past 20 years. Sounds like Dad. :)

In our ward, the ward mission leader is epic. He is known all across the mission. Pure Aussie and bold. Anyway with his help we are having cottage-meetings now. This Sunday is the first. The Assistants have been working hard on this for quite awhile. A few of the strongest families in the ward are bringing non-members to this cottage meeting (get to know you so they feel comfortable coming to church. And when they do come to church they know several families already) on Sunday and we are expecting around 50 people, probably half non-members. We're excited to see how it goes.

Well, I love you all and continue praying for you. Thank you again for your prayers.
Love you mum and dad,
God Speed
Elder Hales

That is a very good scripture. In the MTC they told us that our purpose was to get these people to the Celestial kingdom. I love the temple. We get to go this next Friday.

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