Sunday, March 21, 2010


Dear mom and dad,

Another week has completely blown by.
This week was pretty good. We had some good lessons and I really feel we are doing good at gaining the members' trust. Mom and Dad- can you write me and tell me the "members point of view" with missionaries? What you love that they do and what you don't. If you have any experiences where you didn’t like when they asked for referrals and things like that. And then Dad- what you like out of missionaries as a stake president. It would be good to have on hand to share.

The work here is about to boom! We just got a new Ward Mission Leader yesterday and he already organized a Family Home evening tonight where we can invite our investigators and share a short message.

We have dinner every Wed. night at our Bishops house. Our Bishop is so awesome. He has a son on a mission in England. That son left playing professional rugby for the Gold Coast Titans and is tearing it up in England. I just really love this ward and how great all of them are.

I read an article out of an Ensign from the 1990's. It was from that Olympian gymnast that came and did a tri-stake fireside when I was young. This article was so good I wish I would have remembered what he spoke to us about. This article was about Desire and Accomplishing Goals. He said that President Kimball had 2 signs in his office- one saying "DO IT" and the other "DON'T QUIT." Growing up I had so many goals I didn't accomplish. I had a desire to do them but it wasn't strong enough. One thing I remember in my teachers quorum is Brother Wunderi would always say to us that our goal should be to do what we want/need to do 100% of the time and be completely in control of appetites and desires. I always wanted to know how to gain a stronger desire so I could actually accomplish my goals. And it's simply get close to our father in heaven by scripture study and prayer and don’t let anything distract you. Music was something that Satan would use to distract me. But at my study desk I have 20 goals listed and above them I have "DO IT, DON'T QUIT." It feels so much better to actually be what you want to be instead of thinking about what you want to be.
I love being a missionary.
I love you mom and dad.
-Elder Hales

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