Sunday, March 7, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad,

This week was full of miracles. It has been a blast! Monday was rough because we had a dinner appointment in another city 30 min. away, so we decided to work the whole day in that area. It was raining so we were tracting in the rain the whole day! But then it just got even better.

We went to the Temple on Wednesday and on Thursday we had a lesson with
Shanti where we committed her to keep the Word of Wisdom and to be baptized. She said yes to both. She really understands the Gospel very well.

We were even more blessed when we contacted a referral from Church Headquarters. His name is Steven and he has already read up to 2 Nephi. The referral was for a "Finding Happiness" which doesn't exist- (a movie??) but when we went by he let us come in and started explaining Joseph Smith's first vision to us..???... then he says.. "is what I'm saying right?" Miracle. We told him we have a copy of the Book of Mormon that he can have instead of using the internet and he went to give a donation for it. We didn't accept it and we explained that we paid our way to come out here. When we bore testimony he looked like it was piercing his heart. He is definitely seeking the truth. He has found it.

Another great blessing where we saw the hand of the Lord is we have two baptism dates for the 27th of March. Bethany and Brianna Gaul and two young girls who are daughters of a less- active member who wants to come back to church. We met with them the first week in Tweed Heads but then they moved and got a new phone so we completely lost contact.
One day we were driving past the suburb we heard that she moved into and I had a feeling we were going to catch her walking her daughters home from school. Sure enough a block later we pulled over and talked to them. We set up a lesson the next day. The following day we went by and had such a great lesson where the spirit was able to touch all of them. Please pray for them and their mother Jorgina. They need blessings and strength.

Yesterday while I was studying, I was reading an Ensign that talked about the experience Moses had when he saw God and shortly after saw Satan. The point it was making is that God referred to Moses as "My Son" several times and when Satan came later, he called Moses by saying: "Moses, Son of Man, worship me." Moses, just after seeing the divinity of God could see the difference and cast Satan away. But what I learned is that Satan doesn't want us to remember that we are actually children of God. He is going to lie to us, he is going to attack us and the closer we get to Heavenly Father- the more he is going to work to keep us away. Every sin starts with us believing a lie! I loved that- it really hit me in the face. I love you mom and dad- thanks for everything.
God Speed-
Elder Hales

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