Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Dear Mom and Pop,

Shanti will be baptized on the 4th of July!!!!!!! She walked up to us at church yesterday and says..."Guess who is getting baptized on the 4th of July!?" She and Josh will be married that morning, go to church, and then be baptized after church. Shanti really wants to be baptized and I had a feeling she wasn't going to last until October.

We also set a baptism date with Cody. He is a champion 14 year old that already knows the Book of Mormon is true. His baptism is on June 26th so keep Shanti and Cody in your prayers. I ask because prayer really does work.

We have 2 baptisms next transfer and this transfer ends in one week.... ARG... but I'll go where he wants me to go... I'll be what he wants me to be and I'll do what he wants me to do.

I went on trade-offs this week with a new missionary. His name is Elder Lester and he is a champion and so funny. We saw a bunch of Aussie blokes having a party (not sober) so we went over to preach to them. They were not keen but they asked us to take a picture of them all so they give Elder Lester and I cameras and Elder Lester says " 1, 2, 3.... America Rocks" and all these pure Australians are smiling for the picture but give out a groaning "UGH". It was pretty funny.

Things are going so well. I love this ward and this area. Our goal is 2 baptisms a transfer and we have had 0 thus far but I knew this area would be hard coming into it. I have really grown to love hard things. That is one thing youth need and will get as they grow is the love to do hard things. Even the prophets tell us that reading the Book of Mormon can be hard at first and wow- it is... but they also promise that as you keep going insights will come, you will understand, and it will change you and I can add my promise to that. People do change- its called repentance. I love this gospel... it just makes so much

Love you all
Love you mom and dad,
-Elder Hales

I am doing my best at working the hardest I can. There are some missionaries in my district that are giving me some gray hair. I started keeping track of Finding Hours as a part of key indicators because I could tell they don't do much finding. It was only around 3 hours for the whole week. They are doing great though- they have a baptism coming up.

Isn't being a missionary awesome? There is no better feeling than when you're about to go to sleep and you're writing in your journal but way too tired and you just collapse because of the hard day!

People say G'day so much. I've got pretty good at it. :)

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