Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adam's 21st birthday

Dear Mom and Dad,

I'm twenty one eh! Today we woke up heaps early to go to the temple and I didn't remember it was my birthday until I found a card that Elder Willie left me on my desk while I was in the shower. He is such a good companion. We want to see more miracles so we are fasting and praying right now.

It was great to get to the temple today and we have several lessons this afternoon that I hope go really well. On the train ride to the temple some real social workers who really know physiology and train people how to be leaders sat next to us. It was very fun to share the gospel with them. It's hard to make a salesman buy what you're selling. (you know what I mean) On the train ride back to the Gold Coast our whole zone talked to every single person on the train. It was awesome! There were so many people that at some points we would just stand in front of a crowd and talk to everyone at the same time. It sounds weird but it was very effective.

It hit me today in the temple that I don't have much time left. It makes me sad to think of leaving. One missionary who is in my District who I was companions with earlier, still has some struggles he had a year ago. It makes me sad to think of how much time he is wasting and what he is doing to himself...and his companion. I have been thinking a lot about what I have learned thus far on my mission. I've learned that I must have unity with my companion. Christ said, "If ye are not one, ye are not mine." I've learned that obedience is everything. Central to: blessings, happiness, success, etc., I have learned the Gospel. I have learned that the Book of Mormon is true scripture and that everything it teaches is truth. I have learned to not be afraid to talk to people! Its not hard to do Missionary Work, even for members. I have learned to love learning and studying. I have learned that if there is anything I can't understand about the gospel, I can still feel its truth from the Holy Ghost. That happened to me this morning at the temple. I have learned that the Lord is so merciful to us. Again, I have learned that obedience and doing what we're supposed to be doing is everything. I have learned that I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I have always known that but not to the same scale as now. I have learned that I have been so lucky to have parents who pushed and sometimes forced me into the right path. :)
I love you mom and dad.

At this point we have a baptism planned for September 26 with a young girl in a part- member family. Her name is Ralee. We were sad to make it so far away but at that date her brother will be able to baptize her. I ask for your prayers! Pray For Miracles! Wow- as I wrote "pray for miracles" I got a phone call from a non-member family who want to meet tomorrow at 4:00!!!!!!! "Has the day of Miracles ceased? I say unto you nay."

-Elder Adam Hales

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