Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bold is beautiful


Spencer is the man! He is going to be a G.A. (Adam's brother-in-law that was sustained as the 2nd coun. in the bishopric today).

Well, this week we have been very bold... and we have had the most in Gospel Principles that I have ever seen! Members are bringing friends to church, less actives are coming, members are getting excited, so right now my "joy is full." The work is really paying off. My only regret is... we have one of those crazy guys that comes into our Gospel Principles class and I regret not asking (or telling) him to go the class he is supposed to go to. :) But he has a huge heart.

This week I finished reading the Book of Mormon. I was in Ether when I had my first interview with President Langeland and he told me that in every copy of the Book of Mormon he has, he has Ether 12 page turned down because he got to hold the same copy of the Book of Mormon that Elder Holland talked about in his talk 2 conferences ago. As I was finishing the Book of Mormon I got to Moroni 10 and it really sunk in when I read verse 3 about how merciful the Lord has been. We really are soooo blessed. Then after I read verse 4 and 5 I once again received an answer to my prayer. It's so simple -- I ask people to do it everyday and it makes people happy. As large Tongans would say: "Read the book. It will make you happy." :)

Love you all.
Love you mom and dad
-Elder Hales

Tell everyone on the blog that I am having a hard time writing letters. Stamps cost $2.20 now. :-)

Thanks for the emails. They always make me laugh. Next week I'll write more. Gotta go.

You're getting married for goodness sakes!!!!!!! Ferdincum.

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