Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's a Small World After All

Recently we got an email from a friend in another ward. It's a "friend of a friend of a friend" kind of story; but TRUE. Also, it's one of those "small world" stories too. (And I hope it's not too braggy. Even though it is.) :-)

Hi President Hales,

My secretary has friends serving a couples mission in Australia with your son. I guess they were writing Kathy about some new elders in their area who are pretty awesome, and it turns out one of them is Adam. I attached what they wrote Kathy after she told them she works for me and I’m in the same stake Adam left from. I’m sure you know he’s great, but it’s neat they were telling Kathy about Adam without knowing she would be connected in any way.


Subject: Message about Elder Hales in Australia

Here is what my friend in Australia said about Elder Hales:

Elder Hales was really excited when I told him our connection to Ben Dale. You can tell Ben to pass on the news that President Richards said these two elders were standouts in the group that they came in and to be sent to Cairns with only 6 weeks out is a great show of trust and confidence in them. They are hard workers, have born their testimonies, did skits at our farewell party, are some of the few who actually attended seminary, listened and said they liked it, and have read the Book of Mormon more than one time. As they say here, "good on them".

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