Sunday, March 15, 2009

Prep. Day Exploration

Well this week has been amazing! The Lord has given Elder Tietjen and I so many miracles. Just last night we decided to go street contacting even though no one was out and we ran into a guy that has hit the bottom and wants to change. Of course he has a lot of problems but we're teaching him tonight.
It's been great here in Cairns. This morning we decided to do something sweet so we went to hike a huge mountain called Pyramid Mt. -- but it's the Tropical Rain Forest here and we didn't know where the path was... so so so many plants. I wore jeans cause I heard the snakes are pretty bad. We left the Pyramid and decided to do it with a local. We went to some waterfalls and the rocks were so slippery. I hit my shin on a rock that would have cut it open if I wasn't wearing jeans. So the Lord is looking out for me. I got a big bruise! haha
Well- We got the hang of the area and our investigators here! We are teaching and going to baptize 3 investigators here.
Teresa: This is sad. Teresa is in her 40's and is very slow. Her daughter got baptized a month ago. Her daughter is anti now. Straight up tells her not to listen to us or anything. It's sad. Teresa also got a call 2 days ago saying a family member died so she is moving out this Friday and never coming back. I'm trying to keep faith though.
Willie! This guy is funny. He is aboriginal and has gout. His joints swell up. Elder Tietjen and I went by this week and taught him the Restoration again and committed him to baptism and he said yes. He wasn't able to come to church though. :(
Darren!!!! I saved the best for last. Darren is a stud. Australian guy who used to be a really good boxer. He had to go jail for 5 years for man-slaughter. I didn't ask more about that. While he was in jail he really got into the bible and studied it- Intensely. We have taught him 3 times now and guess what... HE CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY! O MAN- HE FELT THE SPRIRIT SO STRONG!!! It was amazing.
So you know the classic story... missionaries hope the speakers don't do anything freakish..... but the first speaker was a lady in the relief society presidency and she started talking about how the women of the church made garments and cut their hair to put it in the paste cement between the bricks of the temple. I was freaking out! I looked at Elder Tietjen and we traded this hilarious look. But then the speaker starts talking about Jesus Christ. And then it turned out Really Really good. The spirit was strong and I look over at Darren and I swear he was crying. The miracles.
Elder Tietjen and I teach the Gospel Principles class, but instead we showed Finding Faith in Christ and I could tell he felt the spirit strong.
It was a Great day! We still have A LOT of work with Darren but I am really hoping to see him baptized!
I love you all. Thanks for your prayers. God answers our prayers every time. We just don't always realize it.
I heard that God can do a billion things at once... that's how He listens to all of our prayers.
His plan for us is perfect.

God Speed,
Elder Adam Hales


Cheri said...

Can someone tell me what an "aboroginal" is? Should I know this??

Dad said...

Native Australians. They have dark skin. They have black hair also, but it is straight -- not curly like Africans.

Didn't you see the movies Australia?

Cheri said...

No, I didn't...but I guess I will now