Monday, March 23, 2009

What's for dinner?

OYE! (that means "hey!")

Yeah- it's such an honor to be sent up here to Cairns. Elder Tietjen and I LOVE IT!
Elder and Sister Miller left this morning so we had to take them to the airport at 4 am. :-) It was sad. They are from Orange County and are SO AWESOME! Elder Miller knows the scriptures like the back of his hand! And Sister Miller reminds me of you mom. Doesn't play games unless she knows she is going to win. haha
Haha -- Elder Winder is such a stud. That's funny- he is the humble one.
By the way- "stud" here means really good looking- so I need to get out of the habit of saying that as soon as possible!

Yes, I've seen kangaroos... and I've eaten them. It tastes so different. It looks like steak but has this interesting taste.

Thank you SO MUCH FOR THAT PACKAGE!!! Wow, it was huge with so much candy!!! I WAS IN HEAVEN. That was a lot! Almost gone. :)

Okay so this week was AMAZING!!!! So many things happened its CRAZY!! From Trade-offs to the Millers going home. And so many miracles! It was sad to see the Millers leave. They fed us every district meeting. And we would have scripture study right before district meeting. Amazing what we would learn. We studied the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood. That is so much more than words on paper. Wow.

Well, this area has been fruitful! With the Miller's leaving, I got trunky as we said good-bye this morning and started wondering what it would be like leaving my mission. I don't want to leave! Not to mention Cairns... I don't want to leave Cairns!
Also I wanted to tell you about our Branch President- President Collins. He was Pentacostal and he said the thing that hit him hard when he was being taught was the Plan of Salvation. He is the MAN! He got up this last Sunday and just pounded the ward for not paying tithing! IT IS SO SWEET! He does it in a good way of course... but he just says " If you don't pay tithing you're placing your trust in MONEY! AND NOT GOD!!!" He is just so Bold! Which has helped me be more bold too!
But we had an experience yesterday. The Power of the Plan of Salvation. Wow. After church we took Brother and Sister Smith, ward mission pres. and wife, to a lesson we had with a very promising investigator, Carissa. Carissa has 4 kids and is single. But she is Golden! We gave her both pamphlets over time about the restoration and Plan of Salvation. She read both and was confused about the P.O.S.
So Elder Tietjen and I began to teach it. The spirit was SO strong that she started understanding the Atonement and understanding deep scriptures and she was so full with the spirit that she started to get overly excited. So we commit her to baptizm after only teaching half of the Plan of Salvation. She said " I'm thinking that's what I need to do because I've been baptized before but its almost as if that didn't even count." Wow mom and dad. This is an amazing work. We tracted into Carissa.
There was a phrase Elder Holland told us in the MTC: " Its the truth, it's God's truth, and it means everything."
I love being a missionary so much.
We deepened our teaching pool a lot. We have around 7 investigators; 5 are legit.
Darren: I love this guy. He loves us. He really considers us friends. Last night when we called he was like " How long are you guys going to be in this area?" I told him I could be here for 4-6 months. He was like "sweet- when is your day off again?" I say Monday and he said we should do something. But we're going to baptize him...and I hope it will be this transfer but it might be next cause he still has some things to fix, like smoking. I REALLY WANT him to be baptized though.
I love being a missionary.
I love you all. And those who read the blog. haha

Elder Adam Hales


Cheri said...

I don't get the "What's for dinner."

hales said...

Kangaroo. (gag me)

Tom said...

He is so right! Leaving the mission is like losing your soul. Oh and he better quit the trunky feelings.

Jillayne said...

Today James took an appetizer to school to represent Australia for a report he did…beef kabobs. Mmmm…wonder how kangaroo meat would have go over with the eighth graders…