Sunday, March 29, 2009

Strength in the Lord

We GOT THE CAR STUCK! Haha it was so funny... Elder Tietjen and I were in the hood and we stopped to look at the map to where we were going next, right next to a grassy hill. And so I go to pull out and there was a 1 foot wide, 1 foot deep hole that the front right tire got stuck in. So what did we do? We used Books of Mormon to get it out, of course!!! Haha not really- they were picture books of the Book of Mormon -- and jammed those next to the tire for traction. Then as Elder Tietjen reversed, I lifted the car. Elder Tietjen said the Lord gave me Godly strength. But that was a fun part of the week. We got really nervous though!
Today we drove up to Port Douglas for P-day. It was amazing. I'll send a picture!
This week has been great! The Lord really has blessed Elder Tietjen and I because we have a lot of really keen investigators!
Oh- to start off the week we picked up the new couple missionaries on Tue. (we're not allowed to call them the elderly couple) They are Elder and Sister Eversole from Bountiful, Utah! They are very nice and Sister Eversole reminds me of a Relief Society President of the world!
We had a very trying week though. Humbling. We have all these keen investigators but had a lot of cancelled appointments. Satan has been working hard. One has her mother in the hospital and another- her uncle is going to die soon. But I'll give you the low down--
Darren: is awesome! This guy is so cool. Of course we have a lot of work with him but he is such a good guy. He was the one who is an ex-con for man- slaughter. I'll admit when he told me that I thought of running out of the door...but we have had a TON of progress with him. And he loves us too. We stopped in on him last night to make sure he was okay because a referral he gave us that we have been teaching too- told us he might have gotten in a fight. He didn't. Long story. But he was so happy we stopped to make sure he was okay.
Carissa: Carissa is the one who felt the spirit so strong . So amazing. We know she will be baptized. We didn't get to teach her a lot this week. But next time we will set a date with her. She is single and has 5 kids, goes to Uni (university) and has a job. Wow.
Patricia: She is the one with her mom in the hospital and get this-- we haven't even taught her yet. We tracted into her and hope to teach her this week. But she lives 15 K's south so we pretty much try to get down there when we have a car or its a 50 min. bike ride.
Fiona and Ashley: Fiona is the referral from Darren. She is pretty interesting. We only taught her once but she is coming to church next Sunday.
Lu-Lu Finiasu: She is our elders quorum president's sister. She came to church yesterday and we are teaching her tonight.
Those are our investigators who I feel really good about. So pray for them please!
Thank you for your prayers already. Us greenies have been so blessed!
Also- it's so warm here and my blood has thinned out. I hate being cold now.
To the Blog viewers-- To friends: Sorry if I haven't written to you in a while. I'll try.
Love you all.
God Speed-
Elder Adam Hales

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