Saturday, October 17, 2009


Dear Mum and Dad,
Wow, these past weeks have been draining but so amazing as well. Elder Holland's talk was phenomenal. His talks always are. I read one in a New Era about gaining confidence. It comes from Christ! Because confidence comes through worthiness, worthiness comes through Christ. But Elder Holland was the perfect amount of bold and touching. President Richards already got General Conference sent to the office so I watched it again. It inspired me so much. I want to be able to bear a testimony like that about the Book of Mormon. I really think this project Pres. Richards has us doing (highlighting in red the references to Christ) will really help me on that path.

Thank you so much for the Halloween card!! I don't think they celebrate it here. But really- Australians celebrate it everyday. :) Apparently there is a lot of witchcraft in Australia. I haven't seen too much though.

Well, there is so much amazing news to tell. First off- our mission is going through some changes. The last 2 transfers we have had around 20 missionaries come in and in 3 weeks we have 15 more coming! We are the largest mission in Australia and have the most baptisms but we need to be better. Zone conference was amazing because President Richards provided the way for us to raise the bar. We have a new mission motto: BE WORTHY OF AND EXPECT MIRACLES!! It's perfect. President Richards told us he had been working on it for several months. Then he categorized it into 3 subtitles: 1. Purity 2. Unity 3. Faith. We need more faith! I learned a lot from those conferences.
Then the blessing of General Conference. It was amazing. Priesthood was great.

Some more exciting news is the fact that Elder Nelson is coming in November to do a mission tour!!! He will be holding trainings with the missionaries and even going up north to the missionaries up there!

Even more insanely awesome news is the fact that Elder Cook of the Quorum of the 12 is coming to speak to the missionaries at the end of November. Our mission is very blessed. I know we have some great spiritual giants here.

Well I hope things are well. The work is moving forward. It's crazy how sometimes missionaries can get down about being rejected but when we take a step back and look at the growth of the church, it's phenomenal. It's because it's true.
Love you mom and dad.
Love you family.
-Elder Hales

* memo from Mom: note the new address for him.

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