Saturday, October 3, 2009

Life is good

Dear Family,

WOW!! We just had transfers and things have been crazy! I love it though! First of all- I am all alone on my job now. It was really tough at first but I'm more relaxed now. Elder Hurst, my last companion was transferred up north to Hervey Bay and he is opening that area. How cool is that! He really wanted to go up north so he was excited about that. Elder Hoskins is still my companion for 6 more weeks because he is training a new financial secretary to take his place. You would never guess who. ELDER MOONEY! He and Elder Tietjen were my favorites in the MTC. He was the last I expected to be the new office Elder. I thought I was pretty nerdy but he has no nerd in him at all. :) Two of our AP's left to train and Elder Bergquist is the new AP. He is the man. He was trained in Chermside for 6 months, left for 3 months, came back as an office elder for 6 months, left to Isle of Capri (surfers paradise) for 3 months and now he is back as AP. So he will have served in Chermside ward for about a year and a half. Insane! He went to BYU Idaho. He is a great missionary.

We had a total of 16 missionaries come in this transfer so we have a lot of areas opening up. Its been great. Our mission is getting so big!! It is so great. We have so many good missionaries. In the Year 2000 this mission had 71 baptisms. Now we are on track to get 400 this year. That is through obedience. But our new missionaries are great. I had to orientate them and then we took them to the temple. Some missionaries were having a hard time street contacting so Elder Mooney and I split up and took them out. That was great to see them lose their fear. If you have fear... it’s hard for faith to get in there.

I'm not sure if I ever told you... But Alana's baptism was great. Elder Prina told me about it. And GUESS WHAT?! ALANA GOT MARRIED TO DALLIN. Sad that Dallin won't go on a mission but that was great to hear. And if you remember me talking about Fiona- SHE GOT BAPTIZED TOO! It was funny- Elder Prina and I were about to chop her from our teaching pool and that lesson, after the opening prayer, she just says “So what do I have to do to be baptized?" So Elder Prina told me that she just got baptized and is getting married to Junior this week! I loved that area- Waterford.

I LOVE STUDY! Lately I have had a HUGE THIRST after gaining more knowledge! It was so hard for me in high school when I would let the things of the world crowd over me. I have just been feasting on Conference talks and Preach my Gospel... and the best... the Book of Mormon. President Richards is having us read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year coloring in red all references to Christ. WOW! This has opened my eyes so much. I would always hear that it’s another Testament of Christ but it really helps me see that it is a Testament of Christ. I love this Gospel. I love this church. I love that we get to hear the words of the prophets in 2 weeks!!! (little behind you guys! :)

Love you-Elder Adam Hales

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