Thursday, October 8, 2009

We got jipped! (and so did he)

Dear Family,
I'm sorry. I wrote a long letter about this amazing week but the computer I am on logged me out and I wasn't able to send it. I hate when that happens.
Well, this week is General Conference, so we have P-day today.
We had an amazing zone conference this week. I'll talk about it next week.
I love you and I love the Lord.
-Elder Hales

*note from Mom: I was surprised to hear that he would get to listen to (or see) General Conference so soon. Last time it took over two weeks to get it. So it's getting faster. And I feel bad that we didn't even have an email ready for him. Having his P-day moved up by one day left me unprepared. An empty in-box . . . . how sad is that??!

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