Friday, October 23, 2009

What Mothers do not want to hear

Dear Mom and Dad,
That is so exciting for Jordan!!! Tell him I say congrats.
I am fairly healthy! I haven't been sick for a long time. Funny you brought that up. Don't worry Mom, it was only a minor concussion. I promise. It was probably 2 weeks ago. Since the AP's live right across the hall and they have zone leaders come on trade-offs, there are enough of us to go play a game of rugby. But this one day we decided to try out gridiron. I wore my glasses so I couldn't see out of my peripheral vision very well. Well, another missionary's shoulder went right into my nose and teeth and I'll stop there. But no damage. I was so blessed. Everything looks the exact same and my brain is working great! :-) But one of the AP's had to go to the doctor because he had to get his toe checked out. He had surgery on it because the nail was ingrown. So I went with him and he checked my head out. He also gave me a shot while I was there for the swine flu. I know I probably would never get the swine flu but he said he was giving it free for missionaries so I knew you would want me to get it mom. The doctor is a member. (* I thought he already HAD the swine flu!)
Work in the office has been going okay. I'm really behind on work because I still have to re-learn how to do things but it's going well. I really love being able to work with President and Sister Richards. We have one other investigator that we are working with. Her name is Leslie Hanson. Her husband is an awesome member. She was struggling with reading the Book of Mormon but SHE READ 2 CHAPTERS! We could see a difference in her after that. She went to Saturday morning session of General Conference and liked it so we continue to pray for her and hope she reads!
But another thing I forgot to tell you about last week was... MARSHALL'S BAPTISM! It was so great! We had it after church on the first Sunday of this month. It was so good. His fellowship baptized him, Brother Curtis, and then we confirmed him the same day. He spoke after his confirmation and bore his powerful testimony. One of those amazing moments. His friend who introduced him into the gospel who is now also his girlfriend spoke as well and that was very powerful. She talked about how she never thought she would have an amazing missionary experience as that. Which is the way we all think sometimes. We never think anyone we know would ever accept the gospel- never giving them the chance to make the most important decision of their life.
I love the quote: "The day you give them a Book of Mormon is the most important day of their life!!!"
Missionary work is the best ever. I love being a missionary.
I love you all and pray for you. Thank you for your prayers.
Elder Hales

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Gary and Michelle said...

I love how he says "it was only a minor concussion". As if that's OK. He still sounds like he's on fire.